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DASH Radio Is Taking Over The EDM Radio Scene & We Explain Why

Yea I know that it is the year 2019, but radio is still a thing. Whether it be on the FM dial, satellite dial, or now the trendier, most accessible way digital radio everyone one way or another listens to the radio. If you are like me and don't live in a huge city, you probably don't have EDM on the FM dial. So maybe you subscribe to Sirius radio? Well, they only have 3 dedicated EDM channels with their flagship being BPM, which unfortunately is just a cycle of the same pop-oriented dance songs 24/7. Folks, let me introduce you to my new exclusive way to listen to EDM when I'm not on Spotify, DASH Radio.

DASH Radio currently has over 10 million subscribers, and the platform is available for Android, iOS, via desktop browsers, Sonos in-home wireless audio speaker system, Amazon Echo, and in automobiles through the AT&T Connected Car platform, Ford Sync, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, as well as Alpine Electronics, Clarion, Harman Kardon and Pioneer Electronics. You also DO NOT NEED TO PAY and it HAS NO COMMERCIALSEVER. You heard that right, free digital HQ radio with no subscription costs or commercials. Let that sink.

Electronic Station List on DASH Radio

Boasting 9 separate EDM channels, DASH has all the variety you need – if you want to hear Marshmello, listen to Dash Dance X, if you wanna hear bangin' house tunes listen to FANTOM, if you wanna listen to massive DJ shows, exclusive mixes, remixes, bootlegs, mashups and more? Listen to Overdrive, my personal favorite channel. There really is everything under the sun umbrella for electronic music fans and they have a MUCH larger song selection and variety than Sirius does.

I'm going to dive a little more into the uniqueness of The Overdrive Channel. Big name DJ's in their line up include Kryder, Dannic, Dyro, Lodato, Armada Night Radio, Defected, Lucas & Steve just to name a few. When not spinning DJ mixes or hosting DJ radio shows, in the rotation you will hear today’s massive dance hits, but unlike any other station, the majority of rotating records will be remixes, bootlegs, and mashups, exposing listeners to new versions of their favorite mainstream records. This is the PERFECT station if you have friends over who aren't into “EDM” as it plays a lot of dance remixes of songs people will already know and love.

Overall, digital radio is the future and DASH is at the forefront of it all. With a free subscription model, no commercials, and an enormous selection of music you can't get anywhere else (honestly, where else can you find a radio station full of mashups and remixes??), I think DASH radio will take the world by storm in 2019.




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