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Why OMFG! 2016 Will Own New Year’s

Anyone aged 18 years and older faces an interesting advantage this upcoming New Years. This advantage is New Years Eve will fall on a Friday night. The implications this holds to your celebrations actually has more magnitude than you think. For example, this phenomenon (lol) happens roughly once a decade. While most of us in our youth are currently living under the “live your life to the fullest” mantra, this occurrence would definitely fall into something we want to live fully.

The ability to party your face off and have the weekend to recover yourself into the New Year will not be happening again for another seven years. We all need to take advantage of this opportunity.

LED is the only curator of celebration you should even consider to lead you into 2016. LED brings OMFG! 2016 to the LED dome in San Diego for a three-day monster celebration of the New Year. You need to attend. What better way to illustrate why you should attend OMFG! 2016 than a cliché 10 reasons type list?

1. The Led Dome:
Ah yes the mystical LED Dome. Great set up. Great Visuals. Great lasers. Nice bar. Great parking situation. More than adequate room to maneuver. Stadium seating to rest in. A lot of concessions. Great sound. Succinct, but it covers everything you could possibly want and need out of a venue.

2. Marshmello:
Without a doubt, he is the hottest name in the electronic dance music game right now. Maybe it’s the mysterious nature of his identity? Maybe it’s the biggest names in EDM supporting his music. Or maybe it’s the fact that his music actually is incredible and innovative. Who knows? What I do know is that you should attend OMFG! 2016 to catch him live on his first ever tour. There will never be another chance to witness an artist with this sort of notoriety and mystery in dance music again.

3. Longevity:
LED holds one key advantage over every other event out there when it comes to actual New Year’s Eve. Time. The event will be in session from 9PM to 4AM. This gives you the most party for your money (or most time to pregame haha).

4. Atmosphere (see recap video of previous years below):
Glow sticks and blow up dolls will be plentiful. Check the video posted below for the only true visualized representation I can provide. However, first hand experience has shown me that LED parties have everyone from the front row to those chillen’ high up in the nosebleed stadium seating going insane. The prospect of New Year’s will definitely add a little extra to the energy as well.

5. The Headliners:
Flosstradamus– The original dons of trap music. Taking trap music from the underground to the main stage at Coachella in a matter of years. The trap duo are the godfathers of trap (but come on you knew that). Flosstradamus truly are at their zenith this year after releasing their last EP. They are dance music’s elite. Expect a monster set and the entire crowd to lose their minds.
Porter Robinson– Who doesn't love Porter Robinson? He is bringing a DJ set to OMFG, but fans of feels do not be disappointed. I saw him play a DJ set on Halloween. He will still bring his World's Tour favorites along with a great mix of upbeat bangers. Porter is always fun to watch.
Borgore– He makes music that makes you feel cool. Hard trap, heavy dubstep, and ridiculously entertaining to watch live (expect a lot of twerking from his female following on stage). Everybody loves Borgore. Women want him and every dude in the crowd wants to be him. This makes for a crazy atmosphere whenever he takes the decks.

6. The Relevant Acts:
TJR– Probably one of the most entertaining DJ’s out in the game today. He has been at the forefront of the scene for years and really knows how to put together a set full of his signature bounce sound.
Henry Fong– An LED event regular and always puts on a fun show full of bangin’ electro house. There will be a lot of energy at this set. He is really fun to watch.
Jai Wolf, Jauz, Valentino Khan, and Elephante– All had huge breakthrough years and are household names in the EDM community. Each puts on an incredible shows I have seen each of them multiple times this year and they have always rocked the crowd.
Hunter Siegel– Has had a monster last two years. I am sure you have heard at least a few of his trap remixes played out at events this last year.
Mr. Belt and Wezol– Will provide a much-needed change of pace from Bass Music with some of that pure house feel. They have really risen to popularity pretty rapidly alongside Oliver Heldens this year.
Stooki Sound and Lookas– Have been big names in the trap scene for the past few years. They will each provide their own unique trap style and energy to the sets they play.
Nom De Strip– Has been making his way around the EDM scene for a while now. He has a few mainstream recognizable hits, such as “The Night” with 3lau. The crowd will respond in a wild fashion when this is played.
4B– Actually has been around forever and brings a great trap and Jersey club style to the mix. Expect a lot of bass and 808’s.

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7. The Up and Comers:
Goshfather and Jinco– This year was pretty big breakthrough year for them. While they are not one of the bigger names on this list, they will still kill it and throw down a great festival sound trap set for you all.
Kayzo– Established himself amongst the many emerging talents in the trap scene this year. Expect some very evil and hard (style) sounds from him.
Kayliox– The Montreal duo have been releasing some great future and deep house music this year. Watch for them starting out the night with some great energy.

8. OMFG! 2016 is a 3-day event:
This is a three-day event; therefore if you have scheduling conflicts, you can choose which single day you want to host your New Years celebration. However, single day tickets are selling out extremely fast. Or, if convenient, a three-day pass can be purchased to ring your New Years in on a furious pace. It will be selling out. Who doesn't love a capacity crowd atmosphere with amazing artists? That is what this scene is all about. Click here to buy single day tickets. Click here to buy three-day tickets.

9. The People (beautiful people and good vibes):
Well San Diego is constantly voted amongst America's best looking cities (not that such superficial things matter). This means plenty of beautiful people to celebrate New Year’s with. While not an extremely important factor, this does add a little extra incentive to attend. San Diego is also a one of the de facto leaders of the chillest cities in the United States. This is actually something that matters. The atmosphere will be crazy in the least threatening of ways. There will be a lot of friends (or more than friends lol) to be made.

10. No Other New Year’s Event Can Compare:
Take a look around, nothing brings the insane combination of positives LED’s OMFG! 2016 will bring. Do yourself a favor and bring in your new year with OMFG! 2016. It will be memorable.

* Bonus: Download the LED app on the iTunes app store to stay up to date with their events and media content.

** Double Bonus: The second phase line-up is yet to drop so keep a lookout for that in the next few weeks.

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