Guy Lawrence from Disclosure spoke¬†with Triple J this week to discuss the latest album, “Caracal,” and plenty more juicy topics as they begin to embark on a new season with plenty of tour dates.

He also talked about playing the album at a slower tempo of garage music.

“One of my favorite artists is Floating Points and he's always at 110 BPM… I'm a drummer before a producer… that tempo lends itself really nice to writing amazing grooves,” he explains. “I'll take 110.”

As far as picking artists for the album, Guy said they simply went through iTunes and hand-picked the artists they like from their library. With their worldwide connections, the duo has plenty of scouts helping connect the dots. He praised Lorde for her percussion skill as well.

At LA and the Garden, they will be surprising audiences with surprise guests. Among those who worked on the album with Disclosure, The Weekend, Lorde, and Miguel are possible suspects. Listen to the full interview here from Triple J on Soundcloud:

Floating Points