Digital Whomp is one of the best places to find fresh up and coming glitch hop style bass music and we're stoked to share this release – which is a name your price compilation. Some of the tunes were played on last weeks Glitch in the System show which we help curate and this week will have a track featured as well. Check out the show here!

Check ou the full track list below and stream the tunes – Digital Whomp has 16 tracks here that range from tribal funk to heavy near bass to wicked experimental. We have a few personal favorites and not just because of their track names – Graffiti Removal Hotline by Raptus is contagious funk with a slice of awesome. There's some great music here from artists that you might not have heard of and some you have if you're a glitch junkie – like Shamanic Technology and 4bstr4ck3r for example.

Pay as you want and support the release here on Bandcamp. Listen below:

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