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Shamanic Technology And Dusko

Shamanic Technology And Dusko Release Full-Length Collaberation Album Via “Artifacts”

Shamanic Technology And Dusko are finding a deep level of compatibility shown through Artifacts. The full-length album is a hefty 17 songs long with a wide-range of genre's found in between - the diversity of...
Glitch In The System

Glitch in the System & Top Glitch Hop Tracks of the Week (Episode 36)

"Glitch in the System" is taking a break tonight but the top 5 goes on! We'll have a top 10 countdown on next week's show. Thank you for listening and supporting! Check out the full...

Digital Whomp – Whompadelic Trip III

Digital Whomp is one of the best places to find fresh up and coming glitch hop style bass music and we're stoked to share this release - which is a name your price compilation....
Glitch In The System

Glitch In The System Radio & Our Top Glitch Hop of the Week

We're thrilled to kick off February with the fourth countdown this year of our "Top 5 Glitch Hop Tracks of the Week" in conjunction with the Glitch in the System Radio Show in New Zealand! Tune...

Sponsored Up & Coming


Rising Artist C.H.A.Y. Releases New EP Travel Far

Techno is on the move with a new release from Florida native C.H.A.Y.. His newest EP embraces everything techno and mau5trap. And, in just 4...