We're thrilled to kick off February with the fourth countdown this year of our “Top 5 Glitch Hop Tracks of the Week” in conjunction with the Glitch in the System Radio Show in New Zealand! Tune in to 98.5 FM RDU tonight at the links below and be a part of the movement! Hear our favorite tunes (listed below and on our Soundcloud page) played on air with the rest of the show and the two hours of funky goodness!

Thank you to all of our new listeners! If you like glitch hop, you can't miss this show! Our countdown this week features Haywyre, Thomas Vent, Shamanic Technology, Aerion, and Apriskah. Our goal is to highlight our favorite recent releases (ideally within the past 7-10 days, sometimes within a month max). We're always looking to give new artists a place to shine!

“Glitch In The System” is hosted by Muz of Delicious Music and Nik D, backed by support from labels like Junkfood, Empathy Records, LOOP, Muti Music, Adapted Records, Enigmatik Records, Simplify Records, Pooty Club, Elektro Shok, and many more.

WHEN TO TUNE IN: The Show is live on air from 7:30-9:30 P.M. on Wednesday in New Zealand which means 10:30 P.M. -12:30 A.M. PST Tuesday (tonight) here in the US (1:30-3:30 AM on East Coast).

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