It is known within my inner circle that Seven Lions is by far my favorite producer. He is the one producer I just do not miss when I get the chance to see perform. Why do I go see him every available chance you ask? Because he is the most diverse producer I have ever heard. You will hear a multitude of genres in his sets and the smaller the place to see him the better in my humble opinion. For me, Jeff Montalvo is at his best when he can play an intimate set to a small crowd.

His latest album The Throes of Winter is yet another melodic masterpiece with intricate harmonies. Now its time for Seven Lions to show you his vulnerable side. While Jeff's sound creation is up there with some of my favorites like Xilent and Koan Sound his acoustic release of A Way To Say Goodbye that you can hear on the Throes Of Winter Remixes hit me right in the feels. While still keeping the energy of the song the guitar is layered so perfectly with drums. It does not get more intimate then acoustic. Stripped down and acoustic this songs really shines. It is a slight glimpse into the true musical talent that is Seven Lions.

I applaud producers that push the limits of what they can do even if that means to take a step back and expose what lays under the production. In this day of ghost producing and other producers pumping out hit after hit, it is refreshing to see an artist who really cares about the product he puts out and not trying to be the hottest dj name. You can listen to this beautiful song here and purchase it on the Throes Of Winter Remixes on itunes by clicking here

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