If you're one who regularly attends clubs, you know just how costly a night out can be. Whether you're paying for table reservations, cover chargers or over-priced drinks, a night can cost you dearly.

According to Nightclub.com, the Top 10 clubs in the United States earned upwards of $550 million in revenue last year. Topping the list was Las Vegas based clubs, which included XS, Hakkasan, Marquee, TAO, Surrender, Hyde Bellagio and LAVO Las Vegas.

For the first time ever, XS and Hakkasan surpassed the $100 million mark for the year in revenue generated.

Despite the Top 10 clubs generating over $550 million, the remaining 90 clubs generated more than $1.36 billion.

Take a look at the Top 10 Clubs in America below:
1. XS, Las Vegas, $105 million
2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas, $103 million
3. Marquee Nightclub, Las Vegas, $85 million
4. TAO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $55 million
5. LIV, Miami Beach, $45 million
6. Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, $45 million
7. LAVO New York, New York City, $35 million
8. Story, Miami Beach, $30 million
9. Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas, $30 million
10. LAVO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $25 million