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Watch Kaskade and Stuart Price Discuss Their Careers at IMS Engage

The International Music Summit recently uploaded a video from one of their U.S. conferences about one month ago in Los Angeles. It's a special one-on-one Q&A between two of the most influential house producers in our time, Ryan Raddon (Kaskade) and Stuart Price. The discussion took place on April 15, 2015 at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California.

Three-time Grammy winner Price has produced albums for artists like the Killers and Madonna. His background from Redding, England varies from Raddon but they have an easy-going style that makes this a highly enjoyable discussion.

Some of Price's discussions are quite eye-opening, like explaining the first time he went from making his own music to collaborating with someone. He talks about working with artists and making music that's heard globally.

“You have to remove that fear of failure and proceed like, I'm working with no one.. It's a bit weird because sometimes in the studio, you have to work with extremeley talented people and say, ‘you're no one.' You have to reverse-psych yourself out of doing it so you can just let the music flow… you can just let it happen without feeling contrived or unnatural. It's a massive adjustment.”

Raddon, meanwhile, talked about growing up in Chicago and being part of an inspiring music generation that is based in clubs. They both discuss many hot topics in electronic music like remix culture, making music and the allure of simplicity. They also talk about trends and recent shows.

Kaskade's career has taken some interesting steps and he discusses having the confidence to make deals with Record Labels and defining his best tracks. He asks Price about finding singles off albums with mega stars. For example, he discusses the success of his album with The Killers. He also discusses being “the rock” for a band when they doubt certain things.

There's also plenty of talk from Kaskade at Coachella, drug culture, health, and “shining light” on misconceptions in club culture. He even talks about taking a run with fans after leaving the club in mid-morning. Among other topics, he also addresses how he might be jumping on the “future house” train, as some fans have “trolled” him with the idea.

“We've been living in the future since 1982,” Raddon says.

Each appreciate the celebratory style of electronic culture and stand up for it with lots of great debate here. Watch below.

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