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Mysteryland USA – Camping Survival Guide

5 weeks, and 35 days till Mysteryland USA! Mysteryland USA returns to the sacred Bethel Woods festival grounds this Memorial Day weekend for 3 nights of camping, fun, and chaos. Whether you're a camping veteran, or a new member, surviving a long weekend at Mysteryland Holy Grounds requires organization, checklist, and preparation. Last year’s Mysteryland USA installment was a huge success, I had the best time of my life although I came to Mysteryland USA with the wrong people and not prepare enough. Thankfully I met a group of wonderful people that greeted me with open arms. Before you make you make your outfits, Kandi, be sure to read this because it might just save you during this year’s memorial day weekend.

*Important Rule #1* Make sure you go with a group of people that you know, and close with or else the whole experience will be ruined. This next tip, since there are a lot of artists that are not familiar with look at Mystyeryland ‘ 15 Emerging Artists, it will help get into the groove and know the lineup a little better.

Camping Gear!

First off, you will need lot of Camping Gear, you will have to lung all of your stuff from your car to the camping site so bring the essentials but not everything you don't want to lose anything. If you are staying at Holy Ground or Bohemium Premium the same thing applies.

**ML Wristbands + Driver’s License (Without this, you can't enter the festival!!)**

Tent: You can buy your own tent and bring it or you can buy a Mysteryland branded pre-set up tent with a 2 person airbed including 2 sleeping bags which is very easy to assemble. Although I bought that last year and the tent was extremely small, I suggest you go get your own tent either at Walmart or Target.

Small Lock with Keys: Even though ML offers lockers for your phone and your personal items, I saw that people were still breaking into the lockers and stealing chargers. My suggestion is that you buy a small lock for your tent so you won't find anyone passed out in your tent or finding someone stealing your stuff. When you have your keys, attach the them either on your Kandi bracelets or a lanyard so you won't lose them.

Stakes/Rubber mallet/Floor mat: Why you ask? While setting up your tent you NEED to be prepared and make you bring these or else you will be stuck all day setting your tent. Also even though its not a MUST you will be walking around through dirt, mud, and grass so your shoes will be disgusting so try to bring a floor mat so you wipe dirty feet before getting inside the tent. They are cheap at a $1 store or you can try Home Goods they everything you need for a reasonable price.

Canopy Tent: Last year it was easy to find my camping spot because I was surrounded by Canopy tents with certain designs and logos on them. If you are traveling with a large group I suggest you go buy one on Amazon, that way you can always find your campsite and not walking around nervous trying to find your spot. Also so you can a nice open spot for your stuff and the rest of your friends stuff. If you want to stand out be sure to bring a tapestry/flag so your friends can find your camping spot. Its also a great way to make sure Mysteryland friends!

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Tarp: Its always good to have to cover your tent in case of rain or good to have extra shade. In the morning there is morning dew as well so its good to have a tarp to cover your tent so it won't get wet.

Sleeping bag/Pillow/Blankets: It gets very cold at night, so bring an extra blanket so your not freezing at night. Its not fun sleeping in the dirt so bring a pillow that you don't normally use so in case if gets too dirty you can toss it. Its also good to bring a blanket to the festival so you lay on it instead of sitting in the dirt.

Camping Basics: Festival ticket, photo ID, chapstick, sunscreen, zip ties, duck-tape, flashlight, headlamp, camelback, batteries, scissors, lighters, gum, and hair ties. Without these your experience will bit more difficult.

mysteryland USA

Kitchen: Plates, Cups, Bowls, silverware (spoon, forks, knife), ziplock bags, garbage bags, tupperware (for sandwiches), paper towels, coolers x2 (depends on how big your group of people are, but its always to have a cooler for water, beer, and food).

Food!! *Bringing these items will save you time and money. You won't have to wait on long lines or spend all your money at the venders and it saves $$!

Bread, PB&J, energy bars, fruit cups, apples, oranges, bananas (lots of Potassium), trail mix, small chip bags (variety snack packs are great and cheap), gatorade (need that energy), beer, lollipops/candy, and most important WATER! Stay hydrated at all times, bring a 24 pack of water bottles.

Bath/Shower: Don’t expect to shower. Showers are available and they're effective, but that line… *IMPORTANT TIP #2* shower at 4-5am nobody will be there. While waiting on that 2 hour line and that one DJ is about to go on, what’re you going to do? Don't stress!

Towels (Microfiber), toilet paper (Just in case) and baby wipes (it helps a lot, for quick showers/clean ups; one of the most valuable items in festival camping!!!!), deodorant, toothbrush & paste, mouthwash, body soap/shampoo, dry shampoo, body wipes: at any health pharmacy store go to the travel isle and buy the ‘Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Clothes’ – you may look stilly using them but when you're raging, and sweating these will definitely come in handy.

Hand Sanitizer are a must and make sure to also bring a First Aid kit: Bandaids, Neosporin, Advil, Tums, allergy meds, aloe, chapstick w/sunscreen, inhaler!

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For people who have asthma or other medication needs make sure you have ALL of your medication on hand and in a see-through bag so while checking into the campsite you won't have a problem with security checking your bags.


Wear clothes that make sense. Everyone likes to get dressed up, what people were wearing last year were straight up hippie Clothing. The average temps this time of year will range from the 40s – 60s. We would need a completely different formula in order to estimate the temperature inside of a tent. Prepare for anything!

Water shoes, Old sneakers/rain boots – we cannot stress how much you NEED extra footwear. At last year’s Mysteryland had record-setting rainfall in the upstate-New York area. There wasn't any actual rain during festival hours, but the ground was unbelievably muddy. Flip flops will break, shoelaces will shred, and socks will get muddied. *Bring extra shoes*

Bathing suit, sunglasses, poncho, light jacket, under armor, hats/bandanas/dust Mask  You are going to be spending three straight days inhaling a combination of dirt, dust, dead grass, etc. Unless you want to spend the next 2 weeks blowing this stuff out of your nose, make sure you bring something to help cover your face in the more chaotic festival moments.

ML Then and Now


It is up to you if you want to leave your phone in your car or bring it into the festival. Last year I made the mistake of bringing my phone to the festival and on the last day I lost it on way walking back to my car. I did not set up my backup so I lost all my pictures and videos it was very devastating. If you choose to bring your phone to the festival make sure you have it on you at all times in a safe place either in a belly bag or wear it around your neck, again you may look silly but you won't be sorry.

Cell phone, Solar power USB battery pack – they've gone down in price significantly. During the fireworks show at the end of the first day will likely destroy whatever is left of your phone’s battery. Bring something to charge it with. Bring 2 or 3 and make sure group does the same so you won't have a dead phone.

Condoms, are a smart thing you never know! *Cash Cash Cash* Even though Mysteryland is a cashless event, please don’t make the mistake of covering all your spending money to Birdie Bucks, it you choose to do that you can there are machines where you can load more money on to your bracelet. In addition, Mysteryland 2014 bracelet-scanning system wasn't working until halfway through Day 1. Keep some extra cash on hand because you never know what’s going to happen.

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Bring a wagon or cart with big wheels because you don't want to lug all your stuff from the car to the site, you lose or drop something on the way. Shopping carts aren't designed to be pushed over grass, hill, and dirt – it will tip over so buy a car with big wheels.

*Important Tip #3* Have a plan, but be flexible. It’s extremely important to have one in case you separate from your group. Pick some kind of art piece or a stage or a food vendor as a meet up spot in case you are separated from the group. Set times are there for a reason, use them, but also allow yourself some leeway to explore and discover new things. Mysteryland is a two-day event, pick a couple “must see” artists on each day, then let yourself wander to other areas.

Don't lose your stuff forever! Tape your most valuable things; wallet, cell phone, GoPro Camera with your address, phone number, twitter, instagram, snapchat, e-mail address, facebook link, kik, and linkedin information to the outside of your belongings. In case If you do lose something important, most people will be nice enough to try and get you your stuff back. It will most likely end up with the clean-up crew at the end of the night.

If you’re traveling from California to New York for Mysteryland, update your emergency contacts! Most people haven't updated this list, in forever so lets remove mom and dad out and replace them with the numbers of the friends you’re traveling with. If something happens, and you need help, these are the people who are going to be there for you!

MLUSA - Have Fun, Be Safe

For your road-trip to Mysteryland, Make Up playlists preferably a bunch of your favorite sets from different festivals so the car ride won't be boring. Don’t forget to bring your cameras such as GoPros and other cameras, Mysteryland is not lame and they do allow selfie sticks!

*MOST IMPORTANT* HAVE FUN, BE SAFE!!! See your beautiful faces at Mysteryland USA very soon!

Tickets are still available but won't last long, Holy Ground camping is 90% SOLD OUT!

Mysteryland USA Ticket are available HERE

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