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Top Fifteen Acts to See At Bonnaroo This June


As festival season rapidly approaches, there are few bigger lineup announcements than the all-encompassing Bonnarroo Music and Arts Festival. It's all going down June 11th-15th and with such a stacked lineup, I can't even narrow my list down to ten. Before we get to the list, I'd first like to say that this list is entirely my own opinion, and even though this an EDM outlet, I think we can appreciate a little varied bits of music. Without further ado, let's get the Bonnaroo Choo Choo going.

#15) Run The Jewels

The combination of El-P and Killer Mike, this hip-hop/trap duo has been around since 2013, and always know how to bring a good time.


#14) Moon Taxi

Although I myself am not deeply familiar


#13) Flume

Recently announcing his departure from collaborative project What So Not, Flume's signature style is hard to put a finger on and easily confine to a single genre. Ranging from downtempo “re-works” to glitchy, vocal-filled originals, Flume always has something up his sleeve.


#12) Odesza

Smashing the game as of late, production duo Odesza have been on an almost entirely sold out tour, bringing their most recent album, In Return to the masses all over the US and beyond. I've seen them a few times, and I'm delighted to say I never know quite what to expect.

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The man behind SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) remains aliased on his soundcloud but his music is it's own identity. Playing and producing stuff that toes the line between minimal glitch and R&B and other more different genres, SBTRKT is an artist that loves to mix up.


#10) Spoon

Although they reside firmly in the Rock genre, this Austin, Texas group has held a place in my heart for sometime. Featuring compelling lyrics and enticing aspects of almost every song that just makes you want to groove, this five person group will have some tunes you've never heard, as well as old friends you recognize from long ago.


#9) Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus was really a standout performance when I saw him at Bonnaroo in 2012. His set was deliciously odd, weeding out the less refined musical consumers. I know he will be sure to amaze and compel all those not foolish enough to miss his set.


#8) Atmosphere

Slug and Ant, of Minneapolis, Minnesota have reawoken my love for hip-hop since truly revisiting their imagery filled rhymes in my first year of college. Citing Counterpoint 2012, when Slug screamed to the crowd as his Microphone malfunctioned. It's always a fun ride when there's Atmosphere at the wheel.


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#7) STS9

Sound Tribe Sector 9 has been operating at full bloom this year, with shows all over the country featuring majestic and joyous musical creation that lies somewhere between Jam and Electronic music. Tribe, as they are fondly called, stunned and awed myself and my compatriots at North Coast Music Festival this past year. They have continued to improve as a whole with bassist Alanna Rocklin hitting her stride beautifully, especially for Axe The Cables at Red Rocks, an acoustic feature of their yearly two-night run outside Denver, Colorado.


#6) Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters

Though a love of Led Zeppelin burns in my heart, I regret to admit it took me all too long to find this act from singer Robert Plant. Of course, the man's voice still remains legendary in it's evoking of fantasy and plenty of roads walked down. This is not an act to be missed, and I expect that almost the entirety of Roo's goers will be in attendance.


#5) Gramatik

Having been impressing me since I first heard the funky, hip-hop beats quite a few winters ago, I have been in a solid  range of impressed with Denis's tunes. From his funky collabs with Gibbz and Exmag or Griz, to the insanity that comes with his tracks from all the way back, Gramatik is a game changer for remaking and revisiting classic beats and themes  so fresh and excellent.


#4) Deadmau5

As much as I have come to loathe the crowds that A list acts tend to attract, I'd be lying if Joel Zimmerman wasn't high up on my list of acts to see. From his latest releases, be that albums or singles, Deadmau5 always seems to bring awesomE, high energy tracks when he isn't busy trolling the frothy-mouthed masses. A recent revisit of his most recent album brought me to a cloud world clashed with striking basslines and soothing ambience. Beware the man in the Mouse Mask, he might make you dance till you can't anymore.


#3) Bassnectar

As always, Lorin Ashton remains close to my music loving heart. The self-proclaimed King of the Sound will be returning to Tennessee to blast faces away with his signature window-wobbling bass, ready for another round after their exertion at Basslights, Decadence and New year's eve 360 show. Having released quite a few remixes and other tracks, Bassnectar is sure to remind the attendees what it means to have your whole body vibrated through sheer sonic force.

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#2) Earth, Wind & Fire

Hailing from the days of funkadelic groove, Earth Wind and Fire earn the number two spot on my countdown simply because they are one of the biggest funk acts in the world, and their sets are few and far between. Bridging the gap between past and future, this set will throw attendees backwards into the annals of music that few living today had the pleasure of experiencing fully. Those missing the Earth Wind and Fire set at Bonnaroo this summer will surely regret it.


#1) Billy Joel

Earning the number 1 spot in this lineup countdown is Billy Joel.  I don't think anything needs to be said beyond the single word “Icon”. My previous experience with ‘Roo has lead me to believe this will be one of the sets that will occur at the expense of all other music. So expect some rubbed shoulders and crowded dancing, I can't imagine many people skipping this set at all.



Tickets for Bonnaroo have already reached over the $300 mark, so make sure to obtain them soon if you want to attend this magical musical extravaganza. Also make sure to click below to check out Roo's social media to stay in touch with announcements.

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