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Student Is Composing With Virtual Reality Interface And Oculus Rift In Ableton Live

Student Bryon Mallet from New Zealand is bringing the worlds of music and technology together to analyze and discuss his latest creation. The Kiwi uses a personal virtual reality interface that he calls “Pensato,” using an Oculus Rift setup and headset, to compose a new track by literally just pointing at his screen and navigating through Ableton Live.

Check out the video below and see for yourself. Ryan explains the technology to Ableton Live's team:

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“After I pull the Session View layout into Live, I can interact with tracks, clips and parameters as if they were physical objects. When wearing the Rift and using my gloves, I can pick up a track (represented by an icosahedron) using a grasping motion and place it into a working area hovering in front of me. By pressing my index finger to the object, I can display all of the available device parameters and clips associated with the track. The displayed controls can be operated by using my index finger to press buttons, or by sliding my finger across the surface of a slider to adjust a device parameter. A two-finger gesture (like scrolling on a touchpad) can be used to scroll through hidden controls and bring them within reach.”

Mallet calls the song below “Fissure.” Impressively, you can see him manipulate and drag using his gloves that track his hand position and gestures in coordination with a Razer Hydra controller.

This is exciting progress for using Oculus Rift and VR technology. The possibilities are endless.

You can read his full interview with Ableton here and follow him on Twitter as well. He was also featured on Gizmodo. Ableton support encourages any innovative thinkers out there to hashtag their creations with #MadeWithLive for a chance to be featured and contacted as well.

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