The latest earworm “Heroes” by Alesso has been the focus of countless remixes, mixes and bootlegs. House, trap, dubstep, you name it and this song has been re-imagined in that style. Enter Kayzo, a Drum n Bass producer from Los Angeles, California. He wasted no time following his late december EP to get back into the swing of things, releasing this DNB mix of “Heroes”.

Kayzo flexes his drum programming muscles throughout the song, going hand in hand with the classic DnB bassline and breakdowns that sound like they belong in the DnB movement decades ago. The song of course keeps the infectious vocals featured in the original track, although he touches them up with reverb and a little chopping to keep up with the high octane flow of the rest of the mix.

Check out Kayzo's spin on the song below, and download for free here!