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DUBS Acoustic Filters Review and Giveaway

Each time we leave the house before a show or festival, there are always a few key things we never forget. These items can include outfits, sunglasses, ticket, ID, and any last minute accessories that really aid in enjoying the show. But there is always one thing that we rarely see at shows that in reality we could all use. Ear Plugs.

Unless you feel like going deaf at 30. This is actually a growing problem, even with DJs like Zedd speaking up about hearing loss. There are of course ear protection products on the market. Some shows give the away for free, and these usually fall out immediately. If you're in the market for some actually useful Earplugs (or you just like winning free stuff) keep reading. dubs acoustic earplugs

Recently, however, a company called Doppler Labs may have found a way to change all that when they introduced their new DUBS Acoustic Filters. The idea behind the DUBS Acoustic Filters is that Doppler Labs wanted to invent what they called, “a superior option for hearing protection.” The DUBS Acoustic Filters use “Dynamic Attenuation” which the company says is an intricate mechanical process that filters sound. Regular earplugs are used to mainly block out sound or loud noises, but reducing noise wasn't the end goal with the DUBS Acoustic Filters. While Doppler Labs made it a goal to reduce the volume and amount of noise into your ear, their primary goal was to preserve the clarity of sound of what the viewer is attempting to experience. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to test out a pair of DUBS Acoustic Filters at a Nicky Romero and Dirty South show and see just what this product was like in action.

Design – DUBS come in a small simple package that doubles as a storage container to keep them in between uses. Once out of the box, these earplugs are quite sleek. The test pair I used was black with an outline around the filter piece on the outside of the ear. These pieces are pretty small and are around the size of a dime. Once in the ear, DUBS Acoustic Filters are extremely comfortable and can easily be warn throughout a set or even at a festival that would consist of multiple sets and extended listening. They also come in multiple colors that the user can pick from if desired.

Sound Quality – As I patiently waited for Nicky Romero’s set to start, I noticed one big difference in my experience… background noise around me was greatly reduced if not gone at all. So people shouting to buy drinks, friends holding conversations with each other, hosts making announcements, all of this was filtered out. It was great. Once the music started it was a world of difference. The music sounded crisper and more clear than usual. It was almost as if there was no crowd around me, just myself and the DJ. The bass heavy moments were made more enjoyable for extended listening.

Summary: I would highly recommend the DUBS Acoustic Filters for anyone and everyone that enjoys live music.

In fact, we loved the DUBS Acoustic Filters so much that we wanted to give one away to you guys. Check out the link below and enter to win a FREE pair of DUBS Acoustic Filters and follow the link to the DUBS website to check them out in more detail. Or if you cant wait for them to be shipped to you, head on down to Best Buy where they are available now!

Check out the DUBS here!

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