An astounding feature of music is all the different types and how each of us connect in our own way. From general variety all the way down to sub-genres, EDM follows suit. Whether blasting some Progressive House or Bass filled anthem or a more Ambient and Chillstep song, there is everything in between. Close to the latter but difficult to put into a category, here is Ed from Chicago, aka Edamame and his track ‘Aviary'. Direct from him, Ed gets inspiration from the world around us, nature, and really great hip-hop. Just take a listen and you will understand exactly what he means.

From the Play It Louder SoundCloud apart of thesouldojo and modernfilth,

Hello Friends! My name is Zack and I'm what I call a music enthusiast, a fan of lots of genre's but my "go to" for a while has been the growing electronic side of productions. I love all different kinds of creativity expressed by people whether it's art, music, athletics, written word…anything that shows more about that person and what their passions are. Currently I am living in Nazareth, Israel interning with Young Life Youth Ministry. It's been a privilege to experience another part of the world. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and do my best to become a better me daily. Live with love and stay positive :) God Bless is a clothing company project I'm involved in - check it out if you like