For those of you who use Ableton music software, there are some free goodies for you! This week they've got a drum sequencer, a series of 808 loops, and unique samples from the Australian bush!

Acclaimed for their instruments, sequencers, and effects, Mutable Instruments gives us Grids, a Eurorack modular sequencer for Max For Live. It has probability-based or Euclidean sequencing modes and is sure to give you some amazing results! 

Getting minimal and spacey, the 808 loops are a great change of pace from the harder 909 sounds. The deep and simple grooves are from and you'll be guaranteed to come up with a smooth and silky sound.

Australian artist LIF took a trip to the Australian bush and sampled the sounds of nature, including the sounds of rocks, the ocean, and more! 

For more information and to download everything, click on the link below!

Free Stuff Friday

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