Dada Life - One Smile

Dada Life‘s new track ‘One Smile' is a great pop-infused electro madness session and comes complete with three great remixes that'll rock your socks off. The remix artists include Walden, Brass Knuckles, and Love Thy Brother, all of whom really came up with great interpretations of this banger. Both Walden and Brass Knuckles take it up a notch and really emphasize the heavy electro vibe, leaving a lot of the poppiness of the original behind, while Love Thy Brother takes it in an opposite direction, slowing it down and really playing up the pop elements with a remix that's very reminiscent of a lot of the deep tropical disco that's become popular lately. So take a listen for yourself below and you can decide your favorite remix for yourself. The remix single is available now for purchase on Beatport and iTunes.