Dada Life is back and arguably better than ever. After two beautiful singles from their forthcoming new album, the banana enthusiasts are back, this time with an amazing progressive house cut. Yeah – you read that right, progressive house. Dada Life has momentarily stepped away from big room and electro for a more progressive sound and needless to say, they have succeeded in a big way with their new track. The new vocally driven tune is called ‘Sunday F**k You Too' and it is catchy as can be.

The track prominently features vocals by Anthony Mills but is a throwback to a style that many Dada fans forgot they were capable of producing. Immediately upon hearing the new tune I instantly thought of past records like ‘One Last Night On Earth' and ‘So Young So High. This is a style where Dada Life truly shines. The guys' ability to sculpt a track around shining vocals is something that sets them miles apart from the competition.

‘Sunday F**K You Too' is a great indicator that the new Dada album (which is hopefully dropping in the near future), is going to be more diverse and exciting than ever. We are happy Dada took some time off to collect themselves because their latest productions are without a doubt some of their best work. Check out the new track below!

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