Aaron Cole, otherwise known as MaHi, has released his EP, Coast to Coast, on Born Records. MaHi is an amazing producer/dj that seamlessly blends dubstep, house, trance, and dnb into an electro infused wonderland of sound. Coast to Coast is a three song EP that displays all of MaHi’s talents. You can pick up this latest Born Records release here

The first track on the EP is Remember Ft. Shana J. Munson. This track is a beautiful melodic drumstep piece that is powerful yet smooth. Much like the track itself, Shana J. Munson lays down some truly brilliant vocals that are commanding yet alluring, showing her range without oversinging the song.

Next up is Keep it Moving. This track has a progressive big room house feel to it but it stays light and bouncy. Keep it Moving could very easily be the next festival banger that the untrained ear could be running to Shazam to find out who it was produced by.

Last but not least is the title track Coast to Coast, a beautiful example of house music. This song has such a relaxing feel to it with complex melodies and some real nice guitar laid down on it as well. Coast to Coast has great layers of sound that wash over you like the waves of some tropic shore.

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