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Big Room

Steve Aoki – Rage The Night Away (Milo & Otis Remix)

Wright_Center_Graduate_LogoMilo & Otis'  remix of Steve Aoki's, ‘Rage The Night Away', mashes together very unique jungle tech elements, tough Wake Flocka club lyrics, to produce a hair raising, big kick stunner. The track opens with an echo-ey, vocal compounding, jungle theme that utilizes reverb elements to create a spacious “big room” effect. Wacka Flocka Flame enters with his trademark raspy lyrical persona and meshes into a simplistic, percussion build. The climatic riser explodes into a deep house kick, and is followed by organic sounding percussion instruments, to place the listener deep in an Amazon jungle-like atmosphere. This track can absolutely move a crowd and falls in line with Steve Aoki‘s signature sound. Look for Aoki to cake you in the face while bouncing to this song at your next festival!

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