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Steve Aoki & Moxie – I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki)

Steve Aoki has finally released his highly-anticipated collaboration I Love It When You Cry, featuring vocals from Moxie, a singer-songwriter from New Jersey.

This track was teased in festivals such as Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia, Tomorrowworld 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia and many more. The track isn't an exact rip from the song heard in festivals, since it has less drops and bass and is a more constant melody.

Maybe Aoki is thinking of releasing a club edition of the song, such as he did with Neon Future I. The track isn't available for purchase just yet, so fans will have to wait some time until they can update their library with the newest of Steve Aoki.

So, what did you think? Did you like the track? Did you hate it? And more importantly, what are your thoughts on Steve Aoki's new hairdo?

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