Following up on their first progressive house tune with vocalist Koko LaRoo, “Lie To Me,” that hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, Cole Plante and Myon & Shane 54 teamed up again for a follow-up progressive house tune with vocalist Ruby O'Dell, “If I Fall,” back in February. Now, the remixes for that alluring tune have been released today, featuring remixes from Maor Levi, Juventa, and the late Frankie Knuckles.


Maor Levi's take on the song brings forth a new break and interlude with O'Dell's vocals — juiced up with melody from luscious synths and pads, but reinforces it with smooth bass and a mild beat of hi-hats and claps. At the drop, Levi intertwines a jubilant lead melody with some coarse electro noises to create a blend that is both beauty and beast.


In contrast to Levi's take, Juventa approached the song with a mentality more along the lines of Jekyll and Hyde. Juventa focuses on O'Dell's vocals in the break, including few other elements in order to keep the vocals the center of attention, and boosting the resonance of O'Dell's voice with stadium-filling reverb. The buildup brings forth a strong snare roll, and at the drop, the warm vibes from the vocals are abandoned and replaced with a monstrous demeanor of zealous bass and forceful electro synths that modulate and oscillate fervently.


Perhaps the most notable remix out of the three is the one by the late Frankie Knuckles (under the name “Director's Cut,” the moniker Knuckles used with fellow producer Eric Kupper). Much like the classic house he made, Knuckles creates a laidback disposition for the song by bringing it down to an easy-going 126 BPM, and includes a simple chord pattern, hand drums, and Knuckles' signature organ sounds. This remix invokes an astounding amount of nostalgia, not just for being an appeal to the old-school house sound, but also being another reminder about why Knuckles was such an influential producer and that his presence in dance music will always live on.


Unfortunately, the Director's Cut remix is still pending to be released for sale on Beatport and iTunes, but you can purchase the Maor Levi remix and Juventa remix of “If I Fall” on Beatport right now.