I don't know what the hell is going on recently. 1st it was the group Um. pulling of a cheesy publicity stunt ‘break up', then it was LOUDPVCK who actually split up, and now it is moombah group Bad Royale's time to shake up it's members.

It all started off on twitter with this tweet

This tweet let to multiple twitter users asking WTF is going on…

After some twitter searching and Facebook stalking we came to the conclusion that Maor Levi is the artist that has left the Bad Royale group.

Maor Levi's career took off early on with trance tunes on the Anjuna label. Over the past few months Levi has been teasing trance tracks, and new solo work on his facebook and twitter. Putting 2 and 2 together, we think that we have new Maor Levi on the way, and we are hoping its an anjuna return. I don't wanna bash Bad Royale at all, but Maor Levi was one of my personal favorite producers for years, and seeing him come back to his trance roots makes me happy inside!