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Mood Sweater

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Wear Your Feelings With This LED Mood Sweater

San Francisco based design company Sensoree presents a GER (Galvanic Extimacy Responder) Mood Sweater. The white sweater, which resembles a turtle neck, reflects LED colors that are specific to the type of emotion that the person wearing the sweater is feeling. The GER sensors that reside within the sweater are also worn on the hands and this makes the sweater function as a type of lie detector test. There are five emotions that are recognized by the sweater: teal (tranquil), red (nervous/in love), blue (calm/relaxed), yellow (esctatic/blissful), and magenta (ruffled/excited). Even though there has not been a decided final price for these sweaters, there are a 100 limited edition sweaters available for pre-order on the Sensoree website.

Here is what Sensoree founder Kristin Neidlinger had to say about the GER Mood Sweater when Mashable interviewed her:

“Instead of intelligent technology, we create ‘sensitive' or Sensoree technology that is intuitive, responsive and illuminates the senses.” “I believe technology can make us more aware. With responsive Clothing, you can animate your body and heighten communication with yourself.”


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