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Morgan Page Interview
Morgan Page Interview

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Morgan Page Interview for ‘Give Thanks Tonight’

All of California's biggest dance music fans will have their eye's set on San Jose tonight for Give Thanks. A massive double headlining show featuring Trance Heavyweight Dash Berlin, and Morgan Page. We managed to catch up with Morgan right in the middle of his “Morgan Page Presents 3D Tour” and in anticipation of an epic show tonight!


Blake- With just about everyone in dance music having already headlined multiple tours playing every festival, you really threw a curve ball with the Morgan Page Presents tour. An integrated 3d experience giving your fans a whole new perspective on a “concert experience”, personally how has the feedback been, and how pleased are you with the overall outcome with only 5 shows left?

Morgan- The reaction to MPP3D has been absolutely amazing! I knew we needed to do something different and make it an experience my fans would never forget, and we definitely accomplished that. My whole crew and I are a little sad that it's ending.. we are all like “what's next?!”

Blake-Only just a couple weeks ago you released “Against the World” with Michael S, its already risen to #13 on the progressive house charts on Beatport (Congrats!!) How difficult is it to come out with such an anthem right in the middle of a tour?

Morgan-It's very difficult to write good music on the road. You only have a few hours in each “day room” and the bus is full of people and distractions, so with “Against The World” the record was already done for a few months.

Blake- Along the same topic, 2013 has seen dramatic changes on flagship tours, yourself and this “3D experience”, Steve Aoki bringing rap superstars Waka Flocka & Pharell on tour with him. How important is it for Industry leaders like yourself to completely revolutionize ways a tour is set up, so shows don’t lose their spark?

Morgan- You've got to keep changing things and stay ahead of the curve. For me, I was tired of doing the same old giant LED, spray champagne, clap your hands thing. It's been done. Why not do something different and fun?

Blake- One of my absolute favorite things about you is your devotion to living green, driving your Tesla, using solar panels etc… How Important is this lifestyle for you?

Morgan- For me it's about progress, rather than a “save the whales” kind of lifestyle. If you can drive an electric car powered by solar energy that's faster than a Maserati, why wouldn't you want one?

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Blake- With artists like yourself touring constantly and playing shows around the world, your carbon footprint is just going to be a little larger than the average person. Add in lighting, LED’s, and a ton of speakers, and this industries’ footprint is huge. Do you think there needs to be an industry shift to a more green approach? Maybe a possible daytime festival that is run via solar panel?

Morgan- I think the ID&T guys were looking into this for festivals. There are ways to take wasted sunlight and use it for power especially in places like Vegas that get even more sunlight than LA. I'd really love the Wynn in Vegas, (where I'm a resident), to install solar panels. All that sun just goes to waste and cooks the building. I'm also working on getting more electric car chargers installed in Vegas.

Blake- Lastly, with Thanksgiving on Thursday, are you having Turkey on the Road!? Also with another huge year of traveling the globe, successful tour, a couple of great singles, what are you most thankful for looking back to 2013?

Morgan- Yeah part of the touring sacrifice is that you give up your family holidays, with the exception of Christmas – but I think I'll actually pull off a makeshift thanksgiving this year on the road. I'm very thankful for being able to make and play music for a living – I never take it for granted!


Morgan Page is truly a leading example for this entire industry, he constantly strives to be a leader and not a follower, and understands that without change this industry could eventually crumble. With a progressive solar lifestyle, Morgan is truly a game changer, it was an honor to chat with him.


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