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I love This City (Batkid saved my life)

This last weekend all eyes around California, and even the world, were on San Francisco as the Batkid was the hero of all of our hearts. For those of you who don't know Miles Scott is a 5 year old boy from Northern California sadly in a deadly fight with leukemia. Make-A-Wish Foundation, the wheels behind so many modern day miracles heard about Miles and his over whelming love for Batman, and made a little boys dream become a reality. With the help of the city of San Francisco and so many volunteers they turned SF into Gotham City, as Miles accompanied with an adult batman fought crime throughout the day. From Union Square, to the streets of downtown, Miles sped around in his black Lamborghini with Batman decals, to a day that will leave kids, (even adults) in envy for many years to come. Thousands of people gathered around the city just to catch a glimpse of the action, even more with tears running down their face watched from home as we all fell in love with this real life hero. I will never understand why terrible things happen to great people, but Batkid and my favorite city in the world gave me hope. Even in the heat of a battle with a villain that we cant always beat, little Miles was brave enough to show the world that a little cancer couldn't stop his courage from kicking bad guys butts around the pavement.

Boys Batman Wish

Unfortunately I could not make it into the City on Friday, as I was Covering Steve Aoki the following night at the Bill Graham. As I made my way into Sf on Saturday I saw signs all over the streets saying, “Go Get EM Batkid!!!” I tried to wipe my eyes dry but there was no way that was happening. As I arrived at the venue for the show I needed to put myself in the mind set for music, not more emotions (in public anyways). The Aoki tour was in a league of its own, Two headliners; Steve Aoki himself, and bass legend Borgore, along with rap super star Waka Flocka. Borgore and Waka absolutely killed their opening sets and really broke in the crowd for an epic night. As Borgore ended his set with Decisions, and confetti cascaded down across the crowd, I took a long look around the venue and find my mind wondering off places. I have been going to shows for years, and completely lost track how many times I have seen Aoki, but thats not what we're here for. Everyone comes for the chance of white raver rafting, maybe getting a cake in the face, or even as lucky as getting pulled up on stage to see it all. We come because we all slave during the week, in school, our Jobs, our relationships, the Aoki tour wasn't just a concert, but an experience. A 5 hour escape from reality to feel free from even our biggest worries just like Batkid, we are given the chance to drop everything and leave all our worries at the door, from trading Kandi, to meeting new friends, or just hearing that drop live we have been blasting in our car all week, this really is our escape. Reality does not open too many doors for us like this anymore, so being apart of a magical city like SF on a weekend like this truly is a modern day miracle for all of us.


In the end I have to send a big thank you to the whole bay area, and Steve Aoki, but most importantly to the Batkid. You gave us all hope in a time where most cant even define that word, you showed us that even complete strangers can come together to make something magical happen. As we turn the page on 2013 and head into the new year with optimism, remember the simple things; if a 5 year old boy just wanting to be Batman for the day can make a whole nation smile, what could we accomplish with just a little effort. I love this state, I love this music, damn I even love batkid, thank you again for a weekend I will never forget.



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