In the past year, trap music has immensely grown. We've heard trap on commercials on television, and we have heard it at shows. At some points, trap can sound very repetitive, but when produced correctly, it is fabulous. I have decided to take the time to put together a list of my top 5 artists, in no particular order.

Trap music is a sub-genre of EDM ‘Electronic Dance Music, that has gained momentum through the ever-growing dance music culture.

P.S. The reason Flosstradamus is not on this list is because of one word. That word is Repetitiveness.

1. Brillz
Well known for his LP “Twonk,” Brillz has ceaselessly been dishing out amazing tunes. He has a very unique style, and has definitely earned a spot on this list.

2. RL Grime
RL Grime is the alter ego of Clockwork, and is without a doubt one of the best trap producers. He is well known for his remixes of “Mercy,” and “Satisfaction.”

3. Baauer
If you don't know who Baauer is, then you really need to get your head out of your ass. Baauer is most known for his internet sensation song, “Harlem Shake.”

4. Bro Safari
I wouldn't necessarily categorize Bro Safari as a a strictly trap producer, but the trap tunes he puts out are some of the best. Bro Safari is one of the few trap artists who put out an LP. The LP is titled “Animal,” and was a collaboration with UFO!.

ETC!ETC!, has without a doubt earned himself a spot on this list. He has released countless tracks on Mad Decent, and has taken over Diplo & Friends with Brillz.

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