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Trauma Sphere - Take Back Tomorrow [EDM Sauce Exclusive]
Trauma Sphere - Take Back Tomorrow [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Exclusive Premiere

Trauma Sphere – Take Back Tomorrow [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Trauma Sphere is a group who likes to remain anonymous. They were quoted saying “we like to keep our names and numbers anonymous since we believe music should be about the music and not the people behind it…everything in this song, as well as all our others, are synthesized from scratch, with the exception of snares and hi hats…each individual is responsible for designing a different sound, and then mixing it into the song.” Read below to find out their inspiration for their anonymous identities.

Where did your inspiration for the faceless DJ come into play? 
We decided to go anonymous because we feel that too often, music becomes about the image (and sometimes ego) of the artist, especially when it comes to marketing, and we wanted to make sure this never became an issue for us. Aside from not wanting to come off as self-centered, we also feel that anonymity makes it so that the only possible thing on which an audience can judge us is our music, which is just what we want.
So at the moment I'd assume you are just producing music, so when it comes time to DJ (If you plan on DJing) what will you do about your identity? 
Playing live is an exciting prospect for us, so we have given thought to this. Our solution is pretty simple actually: we would wear masks. It would be fun if we had the resources to design our own masks (which we'd design to be minimal but stylish), but if not we'd just choose something simple and unobtrusive. And practical, because in an EDM venue it probably gets a little warm and we want to be able to breathe.
Where do you get your inspiration from on your tracks? 
One thing we all have in common is that we're all big metalheads, so our current sound is very much influenced by that. We think of it as the EDM equivalent of metal, as you can hear in some of our harsher, more distorted sounds. We will, however, begin moving in a more melodic direction because another big thing that we share is a love for dancy, hands-up anthems. It's kind of an oxymoron to our metal ways but we do love music that just makes you feel good, and we try to capture that feeling from songs we love while putting it into original ideas. These feelings are like textures, so we'll have a texture or several textures in mind for a song, and slowly we'll contribute pieces to making that texture materialize. We're careful not to copy, but there is something a friend of ours once said that rings very true to us: he said that we all aspire to be like our heroes and thus try to imitate them, but it is our failure to do so that makes us unique and great.
Have you ever produced music before under a different name? 
We have not, this is a first for all of us. Some of us did consider starting a metal band once, but we opted for electronic sounds because other than loving EDM in addition to metal, it was much cheaper to buy the tools for EDM and coordinate writing music, which didn't require lugging hardware around and endless amounts of being together for practice. We all began learning how to produce on DAWs together and have taught each other with help from the internet.
Tell us more about the producers behind the music without telling us too much? (History of Music, Life, etc…)
I think an important fact about us is that we are all classical musicians. This is definitely beneficial because it has taught us to appreciate music from a very fundamental level and pay attention to and find enjoyment in the finest details. It helps us in composition and phrasing and is particularly useful when it comes to the nitty gritty details of sound engineering and production. In general though, classical music has taught us how to appreciate music of all genres, and the more you love, the greater your perspective when it comes to writing.
Another important detail about us is that we're all working full time (and often very much full time) in various parts of the financial industry, so free time for music is quite precious and not always as available as we'd like. With each of us only being able to donate a portion of our time to music, it becomes difficult to complete songs sometimes and get it all together, but we all do our best to keep at least a tiny portion of our after-work hours for working on music, if even only a few minutes to tinker with one sound or phrase. With the time we do have though, we give 100% of our minds and energy to it.

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