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How to Get Published on a Music Blog

After spending another five hours going through our inbox, I decided that this post is a must have. Mostly, it's going to be a list of things *not* to do. Every blog is different, but generally we all have the same minimum standards and so this post should be helpful for all artists looking to get more traction.

1) Include Your Track

This may seem like the most obvious recommendation, but if I had $ for every person who emailed us saying, “I want to be on your blog,” and then doesn't include any actual music or links to music, I would be on the beach in Bali right now. No, I will not google your facebook then your soundcloud then hunt down the one you wanted to send. I will just delete your email.

2) Do NOT Say You Are The Next Avicii/Porter Robinson

It's annoying and probably untrue, furthermore, it invites us to compare you to people who are legitimately *the best*. I would rather you say “I think I'm mediocre but here it is” and then I'm blown away by your talent. Under-promise, Over-deliver.

3) Have a Unique Name

This is probably my own personal preference, but if your name is P1xel, I probably have you confused with Pixel, Pix3l, Pixeel, and P1x31. Sorry.

4) Consider Sending a Link to Your BEST Work and Your Most Recent

To be frank, your most recent may suck or be meh. But if I check your best work and it's good, I flag you in our inbox as someone to keep an eye on. Then those emails get priority later.

5) Accept Criticism and Praise

Sometimes bloggers will respond back to you with thoughts on the track. You can just tell them to eff off….or you could assume that since all they do all day, everyday, is listen to thousands of tracks — that they might have some good advice to share.

6) Be Persistent

Send me your track. It sucks. In a month, send me your next track. It sucks too? Then send me your next version. Kaskade was in clubs and trying to make it for seven *years*. Sometimes people really don't know how amazing you are until you've told them 20 times.

7) Be Dedicated

Same point as above, except… you don't become an expert at anything by doing it 2 weekends a month. Tinker, explore, do it over, try again.

8) Say Who Has Supported You

If there has been a big name endorsing/training/mentoring you, tell us! We like to hear that others have heard your music before and we're not your #1 stop and overnight success story.

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9) Tell Me About Yourself

I love hearing a little more about artists and their influences, or why they wrote a song. If you're 15, I'm guaranteed to listen. If you say your inspiration is birds being massacred by airplane engines, I'm intrigued. Of course, I'm not going to ding you if you just say “listen to this: (link)”. That works too.

10) Have An Official Facebook and Twitter

We can't direct our readers to like you and follow you if you don't have any social media presence. If you are totally new to music, please ask us – we will happily walk you through getting set up.

11) Have High Quality Pictures on your Social Media

As a music blog we need to have the proper and high quality images in order to share with our followers. It's very alarming how often DJs don't have even one photo that isn't in total darkness with laser lights in the background.

12) Have A Branded Email Address

This isn't absolutely necessary, but as someone who looks through hundreds of email addresses if I see an email me, I know he's committed.

13) Say Thank You

Months (maybe a year ago?) I wrote a post on Steve Aoki and got a response from his manager thanking me for the praise. It was SO meaningful to be thanked. A lot of bloggers are here doing this everyday and we don't get paid a fortune, but we see it as our Job to share/find great things and great people and shine a little spotlight on them. For some DJs, the role of a blogger has been far more important in their success than their own manager (for example, the influence of Mr. SuicideSheep on Blackmill and Rameses B careers). The other reason to be polite is frankly because most bloggers know each other and we discuss these things.

So that's it, that's my full list of things to do to get your music on a blog. You can send your tracks to submissions @

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