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O Cinnedi Sheds Light on Production Quality, Tips, and Insights in One on One Interview

O Cinnedi has flourished in the industry as a result of her relentless work ethic in pursuing her dreams, developing her skills, and taking her audience on a musical ride like no other. As a creative entity, she uses her understanding of the industry and experience to influence and support to bring about positive changes in her vicinity. Her performances include more than just music, where she showcases her wide range of talents with costumes, dance, and theatre in her shows, dazing audiences she graces with her presence O Cinnedi is well equipped to lead by example that commitment, drive, and belief, empowers and drives success 

Her rise to prominence derives from her overall talents as a producer with a professional that has seen her success for events and clubs which shows as she builds relationships and collaborates with artists along the way. We caught up with O Cinnedi to discuss the process behind how she makes her music.


  1. What are some bad habits new producers should try to avoid?

Honestly believing the idea of having to work on music everyday and having to work on music for 8 hours straight… It's inapplicable.. If you want to you can, but remember your eyes and mind can only focus for a few hours.


  1. How do you spark your creativity? 

DANCE!! Also just listening to some of my favourite artists. I find a huge thing for me is not writing when I am mentally exhausted. I also love writing when I have a certain emotion, especially when I am angry I get so many cool sounds out. 


  1. Which plug-ins are best to use?

Depending what you are looking for! I use Waves. It has some of the best compressors, analogs, delays etc. It really has made my life as a music producer a lot easier. The work I am also able to do with it has been amazing. I can take something so small with no sound or noise into something so big and beautiful.


  1. How did you first get into production?

 When I was getting bullied in highschool, but I actually never connected that being able to be a DJ would really connect to being a producer. I thought they were totally different. I started Djing at 18 and I am now 22! 


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  1. Where do you usually start when writing a new tune?

Oh totally an intro for me…. I need to know where the song’s atmosphere is and where it is going to be taken. I must have like an almost theme. I also need almost a cinema sound to it…like a movie where this sound is being taken. 


  1. Where is best for producers to send their demos off?

Definitely send off demo’s to labels. Again I have been a ghost producer, and also just myself started self releasing last year. I made pop and rap music and also sang for years. You can actually get a lot of answers about your music on places like Soundcloud. I also just google a certain genre's different labels and just start picking different labels to message. I have also messaged labels on Instagram and have gotten responses from Headbang Society and even Waakan! 


  1. What are the main things to avoid doing? 

Procrastinating. I also find time management is everything sometimes. I sometimes have spent time on the wrong things. I should’ve used my time on criteria that will be bigger for me or just be looking at the bigger picture. Quality over Quantity always. 


  1. What is your advice on sampling? 

Oh the big debate… I was for a while really against songs being fully sampled from things like just Splice, but I really changed this opinion when I had times writing some of the best things I have ever written just from sampling. I have also just thought that you have the capability of changing any sound you want. But to get on the debate that you cannot use them makes it really hard to write music, especially electronic music. 


  1. What advice was you given when you first started out?

Your ears are only good for producing music for around twenty minutes, especially for mixing and mastering. You have to take breaks when writing its really important, when you have a break go sit outside and hear the silence around you. It can really reset your years. 


  1. What tips do you have for creating a ‘signature sound’?

I think knowing who you are and what you want to represent. Knowing your brand can really help also, also getting inspired by other artists can really help because it leads you to learning a bit more of what sound you want to represent. 


O Cinnedi Online:

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