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Sandro Silva “Let Go Tonight” Music Video

I love every genre of music, I really do.  But the EDM industry continues to stun me.  Not in a bad way at all.  I just watched the Music Video for Sandro Silva's “Let Go Tonight””, and it really does make you want to let go.  “Let Go Tonight” is an  elcetro pop song with tons of flare, and a catchy tune; sung by Jack Miz; that soars over the song.  You constantly want to focus in on the lyrics, but get brought back to the playful beat and synthesizer sounds that Silva has composed.  Like many EDM songs, it is about embracing the night, and making the most of every day.

Though I enjoyed the song, it was the music video that made sit back in my chair in amazement.  The video starts off with a guy heading out of his apartment, skateboard and Camera in hand.  He is obviously heading out to enjoy a night on the town, but to OUR surprise he ends up filming beautiful girl after beautiful girl on the streets of New York City.  This obviously got the attention of the male audience, but does it appeal to ladies?  Of course!  First of all, the Clothes that these women are wearing are very stylish.  Second of all, there's a plot twist!  At the end after the song is done playing, we see the main guy walking into his apartment and lays down on his bed.  Here is the twist.  Even though all these beautiful women have been wanting this mans attention the whole night, there is a video reel of what appears to be an ex-girlfriend projected onto the wall of his apartment.  The man has an expression of sadness, or possibly guilt.  This probably makes every girl weak in the knees knowing that “guys really are sensitive”.

Overall I give the song a 7 out of 10, and the video an 8 out of 10.  I thoroughly enjoyed the song, and I cannot wait to see what else Sandro Silva has to offer.


– Jay

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