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Exclusive Interview with Joachim Garraud of Space Invaders
Exclusive Interview with Joachim Garraud of Space Invaders

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Interview with Joachim Garraud

At Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernadino, California I had the opportunity to sit down with Joachim Garraud after his incredible set which featured him and his famous Keytar performance.

Joachim is one of the few DJs that come with a full musical background and that has been in the game since before it was popular. Read more for more of Joachim's story.
Joachim Garraud at Nocturnal Wonderland 2012

Stevo: Hey Joachim, So I know you went to the conservatory, perfected piano and perfected drums. With all of this musical background, when did you notice you had a passion for EDM?

Joachim Garraud: I really have always had 2 passions in my life. Number 1 was playing music every day with the piano and drums. But my second love was the computer. I was a “geek.” And I also was one of the first musical geeks. So when I started to make music with my computer, it came out to be electronic music. I started to do that back in the 1990’s, but at that time you were limited on the sounds you could make.

Stevo: So since you have all of the musical talent, how do you feel about all of these other DJs with really no musical background?

Joachim Garraud: I’m fine with it. I think there’s a place for everybody. Today all DJs are doing a different Job. You can have some DJ playing from a USB stick or even with a computer on a pre-recorded set, I don’t really care. What I really enjoy is to share is my music with people and especially doing a live act. When I take the keyboard and keytar and start to play a track and then people notice the track, it really inspires me. From that point, It just moved from a classical dJ set to a live show. There’s a lot of DJs with different styles and I’m very happy and proud to be different.

Stevo: On that note then, do you enjoy live music or producing music?

Joachim Garraud: I like both. That’s what is very exciting about my life. During the day I’m in the studio making the music and during the night I’m playing that music to the people. I’m so lucky that I can share my freshly produced tracks at night.

Stevo: Have you been traveling much this year?

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Joachim Garraud: Yes and recently I moved myself, my family and my studio to Los Angeles, California. I’m really excited to work more with Californian artists such as Steve Aoki and pop artists such as Perry Farrell who is a rock singer from Janes Addiction. In fact, I’m doing a track in the near future with Perry.

Stevo: I heard you're starting up your own Record Label?

Joachim Garraud: Yes I’m launching a new label in LA and it’s called Space Invader Music and it’s going to be electro and techno which is the type of music I love.

Stevo: And do you have anyone signed on the label yet?

Joachim Garraud: Yes, I have Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction. The first track will be mine which will be called “Maximus.” There’s been a lot of huge remixes of it already and I’m very excited to be launching this one.

Stevo: When do you expect to be launching these tracks?

Joachim Garraud: I hope by the end of the year here.

Stevo: Are you looking for new talent for your record label?

Joachim Garraud: Yes I am and I’d like to let others know that if you think you’re on the level to be collaborating with me, then feel free to reach out to me at . I’m searching for new talent and new people. It’s time for some people to take my place. Come on! The label Space Invaders isn’t for vocal music really, it’s more for DJs with hard tracks.

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Stevo: So when you’re not doing music, what are your passions?

Joachim Garraud: I ONLY DO MUSIC (laughing). Maybe I’m cooking for my kids, but music, music and music.

Stevo: Are you still going to continue your podcasts with your new record label?

Joachim Garraud: Yea the podcasts go on. ZeMIXX is my audio podcast and I also have my video podcasts which shares with people how to make music. ZeMIXX is the #1 podcast in France and I’m hoping it will have movement in the US.

Stevo: So do your video podcasts show how to make tracks in a certain program or is it general?

Joachim Garraud: I did ‘how to make a track with Live Ableton’ and I show step by step how to do it. It’s 10 minutes long and it’s very exciting to share some “Secret” of the production side of things.

Stevo: What’s inspiring you here lately, since it seems you’ve been so busy here?

Joachim Garraud: The new label Space Invaders, moving to LA and traveling a lot. I’m doing a lot of shows around the world right now which keeps inspiring me. I’m traveling to New York and Montreal this next week, but in 2 weeks I’m starting an Asia tour which I’ll go to Tokyo, Dubai and more.

Stevo: Where’s your favorite place to travel?

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Joachim Garraud: That’s hard to say…Well I love the people in the USA and especially the festivals here. I also love the people in Asia and how excited they are for the music. You know what, I love Planet Earth.

Stevo: Thank you Joachim for the time out of your day for the interview.

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