Real name: Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner
Known for: Being the only men who do dubstep in New Zealand
Label: Unsigned

Scenario – The zombie apocalypse is upon us and your small band of warriors is cornered in the last intact office building, about to make your final stand against the monstrous horde and fight until the bitter end. You, the ultimate badass, are loaded with a dozen grenades. You're unbolting the door, running out into the doom, screaming SAVE YOURSELVES. I LOVE YOU. The song that would be swelling to glorious finale in the background would be by Mt.Eden.

Okay, so the real story of this pair is less intense but legitimately interesting. Imagine two guys, 13 and 14 years old, who liked making dubstep. Unlikely already, but then, a friend of theirs makes a youtube channel and starts uploading random tracks, mostly unfinished, that they'd made in middle school. Fast forward six months – the tracks have millions of views.

Words to describe their sound? Haunting. Chill. Epic. Inspiring. Beautiful. Deep. Pure. This isn't in your face, filthy, gritty dubstep.

Mt. Eden is meant to be the soundtrack for the most mind-blowing moments of your life – skydiving, shark swimming, and standing up for yourself with an American flag blowing in the background.

At this point, it's safe to say they've made it – their tour schedule is nothing short of breath-taking, with stops this year so far in a dozen US States, EDC Vegas, and upcoming gig at Electric Zoo, and then a European tour kicking off in September.


All tracks are available for free download from their soundcloud.

I helped Stevo co-found edmsauce and I review all artist submissions and our twitter. Both my parents are musicians and are consistently humiliated by the fact that I play piano and guitar with one hand. Originally from North Carolina. Likes: Books. Music. Spiced tea. Japan (I lived there). Austria (I lived there too). Languages. Technology. Engineering. Poetry. Music. Haikyo. Maple leaves. Windy days. Anthropomorphism. Old Sweaters. Campfires. Dislikes: Sitting in chairs. Hoarding. You can check out my favorite tracks and playlists on my Soundcloud.