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Skrillex Shreds on Guitar with The Stringe Cheese Incident at Electric Forest (VIDEO)

Yesterday in Michigan, Skrillex impressed on stage with bluegrass rock group The String Cheese Incident during Electric Forest Music and Arts Festival. During their 3 hour set, String Cheese Incident covered a variety of classics including The...

Fest Raiders: Suwannee Hulaween Review

Being the first year of Suwannee hosting the Hulaween event, I must first say that I had a good time with all my friends and getting to experience (what was to me) new music....

Hulaween Music Festival At Suwanee River, Lineup, Stages & More

With October coming to an end, there's plenty of shows to look forward to down here in Florida, but perhaps none of them have been accompanied with as much anticipation and excitement as Hulaween....

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Kayp Turns Up the Intensity with Head Smashing Bass Record

What is going on Dance Music Fans?! You know we are all about bringing you the best in up and coming artists, new music,...

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