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Break Up Songs

30 Break Up Songs To Help You Get Through The Rough Times

Relationships are tough. In the aftermath of a breakup, you'll need to take some to heal. Whether that means crying your eyes out or listening to sad break up songs in the car, we...
Diplo and Katy Perry Are Apparently Dating

Diplo and Katy Perry Are Apparently Dating

Ready for some juicy celebrity gossip? It appears that Katy Perry has moved on from John Mayer as she is apparently dating Diplo now. Katy Perry was spotted with Diplo backstage at Coachella and...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Lora Tucci Impresses with Plucky, Melodic, Pop Hit

Lora Tucci is a brand new up and coming artist to the scene! We really love the work that she has provided us with...