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Robin Tayger Releases “Don’t You Say”, An Infectious Piano House Anthem

With 2018 coming to a close and the cold, windy, dreary weather setting in for most of us during this time, it's easy to forget about the warm, summer times. Well, Robin Tayger has...

Illenium’s Piano Covers For ‘Awake’ Will Be Released On Friday

Following the release of Illenium's album Awake, the DJ and producer has announced that the official piano covers will be released this Friday. Illenium's "Beautiful Creatures" will be covered by Julien Marchal, "Fractures" will...
3LAU Ultra Music Festival

Watch 3LAU Play Piano As His Sister Walked Down The Aisle For Her Wedding

When 3LAU isn't busy taking over the main stage at music festivals, 3LAU can be quite the humble guy. After visiting a school in Guatemala back in the day, Justin '3LAU' Blau decided to...

Zedd – Clarity Album Piano Mashup by Ji-Sook Yim

Here's an amazing Piano Mashup of Zedd's new Clarity Album by Ji-Sook Yim. Ji-Sook is one of my friends who is based out of Chicago and she's had some incredible covers and this is...

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Kayp Turns Up the Intensity with Head Smashing Bass Record

What is going on Dance Music Fans?! You know we are all about bringing you the best in up and coming artists, new music,...

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