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6 Tips For Optimizing Your Computer For Music Production

I’ve been there, halfway through a new track your computer starts glitching out. Your audio distorts and your audio engine is overloaded. No matter what you try you can’t get the project running smoothly. Luckily,...

Audacity Releases 2.2.0 With New UI Themes & MIDI Playback

The free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Audacity has just made a major update. The free music production software has been updated to v2.2.0 with the newest introduction of MIDI playback capabilities and new GUI...
This Percussionist Perfectly Covers 'Animals' on Bongo Drums

This Percussionist Perfectly Covers ‘Animals’ on Bongo Drums

As more and more DJs begin to bring in a live element to their DJ performances, AFISHAL plays a custom-made Bongo Drum kit to the tune of Martin Garrix's "Animals." Watch as AFISHAL hits a...

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Kayp Turns Up the Intensity with Head Smashing Bass Record

What is going on Dance Music Fans?! You know we are all about bringing you the best in up and coming artists, new music,...

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