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Michigan State Police Trade Custom Kandi At Electric Forest And It’s Awesome

Music festivals and police have always had a complicated relationship. While a police presence is entirely necessary in case things go wrong for whatever reason the intrinsic ideals of a music festival including freedom...

Daniel Kandi & Zack Mia Release New Uplifting Trance Monster

Long time Danish trance producer Daniel Kandi has teamed up with South African talent Zack Mia to release a new track on Enhanced Records sub label Always Alive Recordings. Always Alive is run by Kandi and releases some of...
Inception Halloween

Trick or Treat : Halloween Kandi from Us to You

Win this epic glow in the dark kandi cuff of Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas and some bats against the black sky. Given to us from the super talented RivetGirl!
kandi kid

10 Awesome EDM Kandi Designs We Love

Learning to make intricate, colorful, beautiful kandi bracelets is a skill that takes time and dedication. But if don't have any true artistic talent (or time and patience), we've hunted down some great designs...
Diplo Fast Company

Fan Throws Kandi At Diplo, Diplo Keeps His Cool

Recently Diplo responded to Mad Decent's decision to ban kandi at the MDBP by stating "I understand not drug related culture inherently .. We just had serious issues with kids hiding it .....
Pasquale Rotella Shoots Down Diplo's Decision To Ban Kandi From Shows

Pasquale Rotella Shoots Down Mad Decent’s Decision To Ban Kandi From Shows

This past weekend, we found the list of everything Mad Decent was banning from their Block Party shows. This "do not bring list" included things like GoPros, pacifiers, laser pointers, eye drops, markers and...

Calling All Ravers: Show Us Your Kandi

In these days, it seems that the PLUR and kandi are leaving our much beloved scene. Let's show the world that you are still proud to be a kandi kid and that you still...

Sponsored Up & Coming

Lora Tucci Impresses with Plucky, Melodic, Pop Hit

Lora Tucci is a brand new up and coming artist to the scene! We really love the work that she has provided us with...