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Sony Music Partners With Dubset To Monetize Unofficial Remixes

Sony Music has announced their recent partnership with Dubset which will allow the label's recordings to be used and remixed without the proper licensing. Even though Dubset has partnered with more than 35,000 labels...

Spotify and Apple Music Get Unofficial Remixes, SoundCloud Should Be Worried

One of SoundCloud's biggest differentiators was the ability that users could upload unofficial remixes to its platform. SoundCloud managed to steer away from major labels' threats and allowed its millions of users to upload...

Spotify Will Now Stream Unlicensed Mixes, Sorry SoundCloud

Following the rumor of SoundCloud's restrictions on unlicensed DJ mixes, Dubset Media Holdings has reached an agreement with Spotify to stream unlicensed mixes. The deal will allow DJs to upload and legally stream original...
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Mashups + Mixes Turned Profitable Thanks to Dubset

You ever wonder why Spotify or Beats Music doesn't include any DJ mixes or mashups in their services? That's not because they be hatin' on music compilations, but rather due to licensing rights. Dubset Media...

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Twalle Gives Us Light and Hearty Kygo Remix

What's up dance music fans? We're rolling strong through Summer, hitting our favorite festivals week by week. What better way to lead off yet...