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Mashup, MixScan
Mashup, MixScan
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Mashups + Mixes Turned Profitable Thanks to Dubset

You ever wonder why Spotify or Beats Music doesn't include any DJ mixes or mashups in their services? That's not because they be hatin' on music compilations, but rather due to licensing rights.

Dubset Media Inc. is attempting to solve that issue through the implementation of MixScan, which will be able to track song usage in each mix or mashup. According to their website, the dollar amount for potential royalties being created for labels, publishers, artists and DJs since Jan 1, 2014 is 1.4 billion and rising.

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“The platform can register, distribute, track, and report use of licensed master tracks within DJ mixes,” the website read. This would mean that DJS can distribute mixes and mashups to music services such as Spotify or Beats Music without having to worry about distributing royalties.

How does this affect you, the listener? Well, mashups and special mixes previously only available on live set rips or Soundcloud rips will be available for purchase and streaming.

Dubset CEO Bob Barbiere said DJs such as Tiesto, Afrojack and David Guetta have begun uploading their entire libraries to the company's online registry, according to Billboard. “This program begins and ends with DJS, ” he said.

Barbiere pointed out that Dubset has recorded more than 50,000 mixes and that it's waiting for at least 250,000 more. Dubset hosted MixScan on, a music-streaming service based out of New York.

Learn more on MixScan on Dubset's website HERE. 

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