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Daft Punk Announces New Collaborators on Upcoming Album [Leak]

As Daft Punk has been releasing videos of their collaborators, the rumor about the all-star team that went into collaborating this project seems to be truer and truer. We've all known that the legendary...

Daft Punk Releases Collaborators Episode 2 Ft. Todd Edwards

Daft Punk has just released the second episode of The Creators Project which is a video project between Intel and VICE. Here Todd Edwards is the featured Collaborator and here he talks about how...

Daft Punk Releases 1st Episode of The Collaborators – Giorgio Moroder

Daft Punk has just posted a facebook status update directing people to the first episode of The Collaborators featuring Giorgio Moroder. The Collaborators is a series by The Creators Project between a partnership between...
Daft Punk - SNL (Basic Physics Remix)

Daft Punk – SNL (Basic Physics Remix)

It truly is amazing to see what producers can do with songs and it's especially amazing to see what producers can do with only 15 seconds of a song. Here Basic Physics has taken...
Daft Punk's First Song Off New EP Has Been Leaked!

Daft Punk’s First Song Off New EP Has Been Leaked!

Sources have confirmed that Daft Punk's first new song off of Random Access Memories has been leaked! We're not sure of the track name yet, but it is the track with Nile Rodgers which...

Daft Punk rumors: Have we been fooled again?

After years of fake leaked lineups, new album gossip, and tour teases, it looks like we have fallen into the Daft Punk rumor trap once again. Although it’s confirmed that the world renowned electronic...
Daft Punk - One More Time (Proper Villains Remix)

Daft Punk – One More Time (Proper Villains Remix)

In case you haven't heard this song, for all of you trap fans this is one that you don't want to miss. Here Proper Villains has taken Daft Punk's "One More Time" and given...
Did VEVO Just Reveal Daft Punk Will Play at Coachella 2013

Did VEVO Just Reveal Daft Punk Will Play at Coachella 2013

If you go to VEVO's page right now for Daft Punk you will see a list of Music Videos, Artist Links and Tour Dates. Usually Tour Dates is left blank, but here it says...
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Daft Punk Airs Another Commercial on Saturday Night Live

Daft Punk has just aired yet another 15 second commercial on Saturday Night Love which is a preview for their new EP called Random Access Memories. During this commercial Daft Punk encourages people to...
daft punk

Daft Punk’s Newest Album to Be Released on May 21, 2013

iTunes has just uploaded the pre-order for Daft Punk's newest EP which will be titled 'Random Access Memories' which they expect to release on May 21, 2013. After all of the waiting and hoping...

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Chris Valencia Release New Groove Club Banger

Whats going on dance music community? We hope you're doing well this incredible Saturday. As you know we are your #1 electronic dance music...

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