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Best Dubstep Songs

The 40 Best Dubstep Songs Ever

Dubstep, the genre of music that originated in the late 90s in the United Kingdom, has proven time-over-time to be one of dance music's favorite genres. From its early beginnings, dubstep took on many...

Yogi, Skrillex, Trollphace, and Moody Good Give Burial Another Take

Last year, Yogi's collaboration with superstar rapper Pusha T, titled "Burial" took the EDM community by storm. Notably, the track inspired OWSLA owner Skrillex to remix the song along with Trollphace, while OWLSA's other...
Ellie goulding acoustic

Ellie Goulding Calls Burial an ‘All-Time Hero’ of Hers

The acclaimed electronic music artist known as Burial doesn't DJ for a living, but instead decided to work and release new tracks anonymously. That was until in 2008 he revealed himself as William Bevan...

Burial Is Not Four Tet And Now We Have Proof

While many people still believe that Burial is Four Tet despite Four Tet coming out and announcing his name was William Emmanuel Bevan, now we finally have picture proof of who Burial really is....
Burial Releases 'Rival Dealer' EP Ahead of Schedule

Burial Release ‘Rival Dealer’ EP Ahead of Schedule

Burial once was the mysterious artist who no one knew he was. There were many rumors around the idea that Four Tet was Burial and in fact many people still believe that to be...

New Burial EP To Be Released Later This Month

According to Resident Advisor, Hyperdub Record Label is preparing a new Burial EP to be released on December 16th, 2013. While track titles and information about the EP have not been announced, a Cargo...
Burial - Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Burial – Shell Of Light Live Edit (Cut From All Burial Mix)

Here's a new track which was cut from the "All Burial Mix" by Sorrow. The track "Shell of Light" is a magical and beautiful track chill track to help start your morning.

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Jessy Poncho Gets Deep with New Record, Boss Walk

Who here likes to get deep? Well, we've got a killer new record from up and comer, Jessy Poncho who takes his crack at...