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Spring Awakening Music Festival 2018 Recap

For three days straight on the weekend of June 8, the city of Chicago was filled with deep beats, pop-inspired melodies, and bass that reverberated through the streets. This is Spring Awakening, Chicago’s premiere...

Illenium Has Released What Might Just Be The Best Album of 2017: Listen

This summer has been an incredibly exciting time for new music in the EDM world. Artists including Oliver, Odesza, and Rezz have all released long plays which could easily be considered some of the...

Illenium Drops Melodic Masterpiece “Leaving” A Week Ahead Of New Album

Illenium could quite possibly be the most popular artist in Electronic Music in the United States right now. With melodic hit after hit over the past 18 months, Illenium has been on a rise to...
WRLD - Awake EP

WRLD – Awake EP

The young Netherlands producer, WRLD, has recently released a refreshing three-track EP titled "Awake".  Starting with the EP-titled track, "Awake", this melodic track is filled with uplifting tones plus the instant sing-along vocals of Colordrive....

Tycho’s New Music Video for “See”

Tycho's new "Awake" album has eight beautiful tracks of soothing, ambient, electronic bliss and now they've released one of their hit singles on video, "See." Directed by fellow San Francisco native Bradley Munkowitz, it was...

Tycho – Montana

Tycho, the musical alias of Scott Hansen, has just announced his 2nd LP for Ghostly International, titled Awake, which is set for release on March 18th. Hansen's work, now evolved into a three-piece band,...

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Chris Valencia Release New Groove Club Banger

Whats going on dance music community? We hope you're doing well this incredible Saturday. As you know we are your #1 electronic dance music...

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