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How To Turn Songs into Instrumentals

Creating instrumental versions of songs allows producers, DJs, and creators to remix tracks, make karaoke videos, and sample elements. This guide covers techniques for removing vocals to turn tracks into instrumentals using different music production software and AI stems separation.

We’ll compare leading options for vocal removal based on quality, cost, ease of use, and ideal use cases.

Why Convert Songs to Instrumentals?

Here are some common reasons for producing instrumental mixes:

  • Create karaoke tracks by removing lead vocals
  • Sample song elements like guitar riffs
  • Isolate parts to learn by ear
  • Practice mixing without lead vocals
  • Craft remixes by adding custom vocals
  • Shift vocal patterns and melody
  • Lower vocals on video soundtracks
  • Remove vocal bleed from live recordings
  • Make custom “stems” for DJ sets

Advanced AI separation now enables creating high-quality instrumentals from mixed-down songs without needing the original multitracks.

Next let’s look at software tools for turning songs into instrumentals.

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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. is a leading AI-powered audio separation platform. Using deep machine learning, it isolates vocals with exceptional quality.

After uploading your song file, analyzes the different musical elements based on timbre, timing, and frequency data. The isolated vocal stem can then be removed or downloaded separately.

Results sound impressively professional. Pricing is affordable at $2.99 per minute of audio processed. Turnaround time ranges from 5 minutes to 1 day.

Key Features:

  • AI vocal stem separation
  • Retains details and audio fidelity
  • Affordable per minute pricing
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Buy isolated vocal stems

Wondershare Filmora

Our Pick
Wondershare Filmora

A cross-platform for making videos anywhere for all creators!

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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Filmora is a versatile video editor with built-in audio separation powered by AI.

In the Audio tab, there are options to mute or isolate vocals from video clips to create instrumental sections. Results are decent but limited.

As creative software, Filmora enables basic instrumental creation for videos. But dedicated vocal removers perform better on complex songs. Pricing starts at $39.99 per year.

Key Features:

  • Video editor with audio tools
  • AI vocal isolation effect
  • Mute vocals from video music
  • Better for simple pop, electronic
  • Affordable subscription price

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Acapella Extractor

Acapella Extractor by MusicXray leverages AI to extract vocal and instrumental elements from songs with just a click.

After uploading a track, you can toggle the vocal isolation on/off while previewing results. Export options include the instrumental mix or isolated vocal stem.

It performs well on pop, rock, and simple mixes. More complex instrumentation poses challenges. Pricing is affordable at $4.99 per instrumental mix.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered vocal isolation
  • Toggle vocals off to preview instrumental
  • Export instrumental mix
  • Handles pop, rock genres well
  • Budget-friendly pricing


Moises is an professional-grade AI stem separator for producers and engineers. Using advanced machine learning, it can isolate drums, bass, vocals, guitars, and more.

In the Moises interface, you can mute, solo, and edit the isolated vocal stem while previewing the separation. Export the instrumental mix when complete.

Moises delivers exceptionally pristine results rivaling premium studios. But it also costs $249 for a license.

Key Features:

  • Pro studio quality separation
  • Solo and mute isolated vocals
  • Advanced customization and effects
  • Exceptional instrumentals, pricier
  • Used widely in music production

Comparison Table

Software Price Quality Speed Interface Output Options Per minute Exceptional 1 day turnaround Simple Isolated vocal stem
Acapella Extractor Per song Very Good Real-time preview + export Simple Instrumental mix
Wondershare Filmora Subscription Decent Real-time Video editor Mute vocals in video clips
Moises $249 one-time Excellent Real-time Advanced Editable instrumental mix
XTRACKTOR $40 one-time Fair Real-time as plugin Simple Live playback instrumental previews


What audio formats can you turn into instrumentals?

The most common formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, and FLAC work best. Some tools support video files and YouTube links too.

What song genres achieve the best vocal removal quality?

Pop, rock, metal, and electronic genres with centered lead vocals tend to get cleanest separation. Jazz, classical, and crowded mixes are harder.

How good is the instrumental quality?

Top AI solutions like and Moises deliver excellent studio-like instrumentals. More affordable tools work for simpler songs but may leave vocal artifacts.

Can you extract and keep the isolated vocal?

Yes, many tools allow downloading the acapella vocal track separately for remixing and sampling.

Does the process reduce audio quality?

There is some loss of quality from separating as opposed to having raw multitracks. But high-end software minimizes quality loss in instrumentals.

What impacts instrumental creation quality?

Vocal loudness, panning, harmonies, and mixing style affect isolation results. Well-recorded contemporary pop vocals tend to achieve the cleanest removal.

Can you turn a video soundtrack into an instrumental?

Tools like Filmora allow muting vocals in video clips. But dedicated audio separators will provide better isolation quality from extracting and processing audio files.

How long does the extraction process take?

Desktop apps are fastest with real-time previews. AI web platforms range from minutes to hours depending on song length and quality level.

What other song parts can be isolated besides vocals?

Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and other instrumentation can be extracted as stems. Quality varies depending on mixing complexity.

Getting Started With Vocal Removal

For beginners new to creating instrumentals, here is a quick step-by-step overview:

  1. Find the song you want to remove vocals from. MP3s and high-quality audio files work best.
  2. Choose your vocal remover software based on needs, budget, and platform. User-friendly AI web apps are easiest to start.
  3. Upload the song file or input a YouTube link if supported.
  4. Allow the vocal remover to process and isolate the vocal elements.
  5. Preview the instrumental version and make any edits allowed within the software. Refine separation settings if needed.
  6. Export the instrumental mix without vocals.
  7. Import the AI-generated instrumental into your music project or video!

Look for vocal removers that balance processing speed, quality, customization, platform, and budget based on your use case.

Uses for AI-Generated Instrumentals

Musicians can use vocal removal software to create instrumentals for:

  • Making karaoke videos
  • Isolating song elements to remix
  • Learning parts by ear
  • Creating mashups with custom vocals
  • Building backing tracks for live performers
  • Lowering vocals in video game streaming
  • Practicing music production skills
  • Making unique instrumental “stems” for DJs
  • And more! Vocal removal unlocks creative possibilities.


Turning full songs into instrumentals allows producers, DJs, creators, and casual users to sample, remix, and reimagine music. While studio acapellas and raw multitracks are ideal, AI separation tools now enable generating quality instrumentals from mixed-down tracks.

For professional results, platforms like and Moises deliver exceptionally clean instrumentals powered by deep learning algorithms. More affordable software like Acapella Extractor works well for uncomplicated pop songs. And video editors like Filmora provide basic built-in vocal removal capabilities.

Look for vocal removers that balance cost, quality, speed, interface, and use case fit based on your needs. With the right software, you can unlock creative potential by producing instrumentals tailored for any application.

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