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PAZ & PrototypeRaptor vs Feed Me - Cott's Face(Bootleg Remix)[FREE DL]

PAZ & PrototypeRaptor vs Feed Me – Cott’s Face(Bootleg Remix)

PrototypeRaptor has just released his Free Bootleg remix featuring PAZ. Here they took Feed Me's Cott's Face and added PAZ' insane vovals. This remix is a bass heavy dubstep/glitch hybrid. Free Download
Paper Diamond Night Vision Tour Mix 2012

Paper Diamond – Night Vision Tour Mix 2012

In celebration of the kickoff to Paper Diamond's new tour, he has put together a free 30 minute mixtape which has a lot of my favorite tracks by PD as well as a lot...
Pretty Lights - So Bright (Original Mix)

Pretty Lights – So Bright (Original Mix)

Being a huge Pretty Lights fan, when I flipped on my computer to see a new Pretty Lights track I knew I had to post it instantly. This is a new track by Pretty...
Kraddy - Moment of Truth EP

Kraddy – Moment of Truth EP

Kraddy of The Glitch Mob has just released his newest EP called the "Moment of Truth" which you can buy below. This EP includes the tracks "Moment of Truth," "Headsnap," and "Water From The...
Mord Fustang - Champloo (Preview)

Mord Fustang – Champloo (Preview)

I usually won't do a Preview as you may know, but Mord Fustang's new preview for "Champloo" is so sick I couldn't refuse it any longer. This glitch-inspired track reminds me a lot of...
Big Gigantic - Let's Go!

Big Gigantic – Let’s Go!

Awwww Yeeeeeah! Big Gigantic is out with another sick new tune called "Let's Go." The only thing on my mind right now is "Let's GTFO of Work already." I'm sure others feel my pain...
Paper Diamond - The 40 Thieves

Paper Diamond – The 40 Thieves

Paper Diamond is out with a sick new track which he labels as Hip Hop and Dubstep, but in my mind has a bit of Glitch and Trap in there as well. Either way...
EDM Sauce: The Spice Episode 05 ft. TYR (Dubstep | Trap | House)

EDM Sauce: The Spice Episode 05 ft. TYR (Dubstep | Glitch | DnB)

TYR (T-I-R-E) has put together this sick mixtape for The Spice: Episode 05 featuring a little bit of dubstep, glitch and drum n bass. This is a great mixtape of Bass Music with great...
TYR - Nantego (Original Mix)

TYR – Nantego (Original Mix)

TYR has just released a sick original glitch/dubstep track called "Nantego." TYR is actually our 5th Featured Artist of the week for EDM Sauce and his mixtape will be released this Thursday, so stay...

Kraddy – Moment of Truth

Kraddy of Glitch Mob has just debuted his single from the Moment of Truth EP which is bound to be released on September 25th. If you're a fan of The Glitch Mob or Glitch...

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