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The highly-anticipated album “Love Forever” by the dynamic musical duo GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü

The highly-anticipated album “Love Forever” by the dynamic musical duo GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü has finally arrived, promising a musical journey that defies genre boundaries. Released on September 20th, this collaborative effort guarantees an electrifying and genre-blurring listening experience.

“There is a song in this album for everyone, whether it's about a tough break-up due to infidelity or finding an unforgettable love in someone new,” Crazü said in a statement. “We want everyone to find a vibe in this album. GC (Gate Citizens) chimed in, “We took over two years to complete this album, so our experiences and perspectives have evolved along with the album. You will hear the transitions of growth while listening.”


GC (Gate Citizens), originally born in Kingston, Jamaica, and now dividing his time between Los Angeles and New York, brings a unique fusion of reggae and dancehall influences infused with soulful R&B harmonies. His artist name, GC (Gate Citizens), reflects his unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and pays tribute to his extensive global touring experiences.


Crazü, whose roots trace back to Juiz de Fora, Brazil, and who is currently based in Los Angeles, draws inspiration from a diverse palette of musical genres, including EDM, pop, and classical elements. His artist name, Crazü, signifies a level of creativity and intensity that transcends the ordinary, as defined by the Urban Dictionary. His versatile and captivating style has graced stages across the world, sharing the spotlight with EDM luminaries such as Gareth Emery, R3Hab, and Nervo.


As far as when music came into play, Crazü says that it’s always been part of his life. “Music has always been in my world since I was born, from dancing around my home while listening to Michael Jackson to being classically trained in playing the piano,” he said. “Music has been the reason to live.”

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GC (Gate Citizens) agreed with a statement of his own. “Music has literally saved my life. I'm grateful that I've found a passion that has allowed me to see the world and has given me the ability to affect people's lives, so I try to make it a positive experience as much as possible.”


Their joint project, “Love Forever” encompasses 13 tracks that delve into the intricate nuances of love and life, offering listeners a multifaceted range of emotions and experiences. From heartfelt love ballads to infectious club anthems and festival-ready hits, this album caters to a wide spectrum of musical tastes.


Crazü characterizes their sound as “breathing fresh life into everyday music,” with a focus on rekindling the joy of feel-good tunes that resonate deeply with audiences. GC adds, “Our sound is all about crafting an irresistible groove that gets you moving and enveloped in the energy.”


The album's lead single, “Solar System,” featuring enchanting vocals by GC, Emmillienne, and Ana Stasia, embarks on a cosmic journey through the universe, showcasing their innovative and genre-defying musical artistry.


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Beyond their musical endeavors, GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü are dedicated to making a positive impact. They are already in the process of creating a documentary in Brazil, shedding light on Amazon Rainforest deforestation and its profound cultural and musical ramifications.


Through “Love Forever,” GC (Gate Citizens) and Crazü aim to unite music enthusiasts from all walks of life, delivering a message of love and unity through their eclectic and genre-blurring sounds.


Follow GC (Gate Citizens) on Instagram at and visit their website


Connect with Crazü on Instagram at


Stream “Love Forever” on Spotify here or Apple Music here.

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