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Here’s How Kate Vogel Is Making Her Comeback

Kate Vogel is bound to win hearts with her amazing singing capabilities, which oozes versatility from every pore. There are many artists whose work has won them a position at the top, from where they have managed to conquer further milestones in their music careers. These talented artists have held the reins of the music sphere with their extraordinary talent, which has made them rule the space for the longest possible time ever.

Kate Vogel is here to declare her place in the music industry once and for all. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the singer-songwriter arrives with her own version of soulful R&B, with vocals strong enough to move mountains. Thuy was surrounded by music growing up, and the rising star continues to live out her dreams on a daily.

Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, Kate Vogel discovered her love and talents in music. She has been writing songs for 13 years. At age 16, she moved to Nashville to be a singer, but after her experiences in the industry, she stopped singing forever. That all changed after the MeToo movement when she began singing in her car again. Kate Vogel has been on her own, grinding and working her way off in order to turn her dreams into a reality.

Kate Vogel built a growing online community organically and independently. She has amassed over 10K subscribers and 14 million streams across all platforms. In 2021, Kate Vogel shared her debut album” Someone I'm Proud Of” with the world, which took over ten years to come to fruition. Which highlights the hurting, the loving, and the growing one can experience in life.

In describing herself as an Independent artist, she states, “The best part about being an independent artist is that you get to control every aspect of your art. If you don't want to do something you don’t have to. You get to decide what music you want to share. You get to control who you work with. It is very nice to be so free from the directions of others. I was previously managed as a young teenager and didn’t have as much control as being independent, so I don’t take my freedom for granted.”

Kate Vogel also recommends identifying your potential and working hard to bring your dreams to life. Nothing comes easy, so keep putting in the sweat for what you desire. More importantly, Kate Vogel emphasizes being yourself.

The artist has hinted on social media to a ton of unreleased music for 2023 and stunning visuals.  We can expect much more from Kate Vogel in public space. Keep up date with all her upcoming music below.

The artist's most streamed song ‘Reasons To Stay' is a perfect example of the artist's songwriting abilities.

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