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RAM and Susana have always enjoyed the most emotionally charged of studio connections, one that goes back almost a decade to the unforgettable ‘RAMelia’.

Their Tales of Life collaborations though are held back for a certain vibe & style of track, and for the last one you need only look to 2020’s ‘You Are Enough’. In keeping with that, Tales of Life present us with ‘The Power of Love’ … and if those four words are ringing some pretty big bells, well … likely it’s for the best of reasons.

While it’s not the first time that the Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s classic has passed through the trance prism, it may well be the first time it’s come by way of a cover version. There are very few vocalists within the realm that would be able to do justice to the emotional feel of the original, whilst giving it enough of their own for it to thrive in its own right. Susana however is just such a talent.

In doing so, the Dutch singer’s voice reaches high but never overstates, whilst innately innovating and always playing to the strengths of her astonishing range. A masterclass in how to retain the spirit of the original, whilst still delivering something organic and downright magic, she instinctively and brilliantly walks the finest of lines.

To bring maximum context to the beauty of its vocal, RAM packs the surrounds with a powder keg of a production. Plucky little strings rise to meet embracive pads & chords, while lucent harmonies and rapturous synths all conspire to create the most primetime of DJ drops.

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