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Australian-born, Atlanta-based producer Popeska has unveiled his highly-anticipated debut album RAMBLINGS via his new label Pen&Paper.  The 13-track LP is a collection of heartfelt songs that meld together Popeska’s passions and sonic experimentations, putting a modern twist on the 2010 dance music explosion that made the artist fall in love with his craft. Brimming with galvanizing synth flourishes, ambient harmonics, playful percussion, and glitched-out vocal chops, RAMBLINGS is an authentic outpouring of the sounds that bring Popeska joy.

RAMBLINGS tells an honest narrative of where Popeska has been and where he’s going. The ethereal beatmaker found full creative freedom when he decided he didn’t want to rely on music to make ends meet; ironically (or maybe not at all), that’s when he started producing his favorite material.

The album follows Popeska’s previously released project Spirit Animals, a 5-track, self-released EP that has amassed over 20 million streams globally. The EP’s far-flung acclaim speaks to the creative genius that powers Popeska – an artist who was picked up by one of the world’s largest booking agencies before he learned how to DJ, performed around the world, and signed a record deal with Wolfgang Gartner's Kindergarten Recordings before he was old enough to drink a beer legally.

Untethered to releasing music that would keep a roof over his head, Popeska’s RAMBLINGS was created with no multi-year grand vision, no whiteboard, and no asking questions like “what do people like these days” or “is this even cool.” It’s a real story that will resonate with the vast majority of people who are weaving their way through life: taking risks, trying new things, failing, growing, and finding peace.

“If a song didn't bring me joy to make, it got scrapped from the album, if it did bring me joy, I included it, whether or not it would be deemed “good,” or even complete. Some songs are demos that never got finished, and you know what, that's okay; the song tells the story whether or not it's perfect.”  – Popeska


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