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Seanyy Releases Debut EP ‘Drive Thru’ + Exclusive Interview

As an extremely diverse artist, Seanyy often showcases his eclectic range and his debut EP ‘Drive Thru' only begins to skim the surface. Drive Thru’ consists of five tracks, two of which have recently been released as singles ahead of the debut EP from the electronic dance music (EDM) powerhouse. In addition to the lead singles, “Be Like That” and “Memories”, the EP also boasts three brand new originals from Seanyy: “In The Club”, “Where Are We Going”, and the title track, “Drive Thru”.  Following the release of Seanyy's newest single, EDMSauce had the chance to chat with Seanyy on his newest single, his record label Swerve Collective Creations and more! 

We know you’ve been gearing up for the release of your debut EP ‘Drive Thru’ on your own label. What was the EP-making process like for you?

Crafting the EP was difficult for me, creatively. I’ve always been strong on the business side of things, but sinking in and making the music that I want to make proved to be a challenge. Life as a U.S. Army Officer is relatively demanding and coming home after a long day of work and trying to shift focus into being creative was super challenging. Theproject began when I was away on work with just my laptop back in February. I’m supercautious of pushing myself to finish music or meet extreme deadlines because the last
thing I want is for music to feel like a job. Right until the EP was scheduled through my distributor in mid-September, I was making minor tweaks and changes to the mixdown and master of the tracks in the EP. I think any producer can relate to this – never being
truly satisfied with your music despite having listened to on repeat thousands of times. Without the pandemic, I think I would have spent a little longer perfecting the EP. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with the final result.

After putting out your first EP, what were some of the hardest parts about it and what have been some of the most gratifying?

Looking back on it, I’d have to say the hardest thing was staying focused. Again, with not being able to focus on music as a full-time job, it’s difficult to dedicate and sacrifice free time to work on music. It’s a constant internal battle reminding myself that “it’s now or
never” and avoiding the fear of regret when I am older. On the other hand, the amount of support from friends and fans, however small, is incredible; it is the coolest feeling when people tell you they love your music. Moreover, it is really cool to thing in retrospect; to think you start all the way at the bottom, in a make-shift bedroom studio, to releasing club-ready, A-Tier DJ supported music in a dedicated studio room. Who would have thought definitely not me

What can you share with us about your label Swerve Collective Creations?

Swerve is a project I’ve always wanted to start up, but finally made the jump early thisyear. In being real with myself, I concluded that a more practical approach to establish a name/brand in the industry would be to start up my own record label. This way I’m
always going to be involved in dance music, the thing I am most passionate about, and it provides a platform to release not only mymusic, but the music I love, whenever I want. There are so many DJ/producers out there, a lot who are better than me, who have more time, and have started at an earlier age, that competing with that level of saturation just doesn’t yield the results I have envisioned. Continually, the label coincides more directly with my business background.

When did you first begin serving in the US Army? Did your decision to join the Army have an impact on your decision to pursue a career in music as well?

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I enrolled in ROTC my Freshman year of college and officially signed my life to Uncle Sam towards the end of my Sophomore year. Upon graduation in 2016, I took the oath and Commissioned as an Officer in the US Army. This decision was made before I even
made it to college, which was before I fell in love with dance music. I don’t see it changing if it was the other way around, either. It sounds so cliché, but I love my country, and with the added incentive of helping pay for college, the military would have
been a part of my life regardless, and I would have made it work, just like I am now.

Does being in the Army and creating music at the same time serve as a creative outlet for you while you’re stationed overseas?

The Army honestly drains me of creativity. It is mundane and routine work most of the time. However, there is a high OPTEMPO (operational tempo) which has blasted my out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, especially doing it all in a foreign
country. I’ve been in situations and dealt with things the average person will never, so drawing from those experiences and being able to think critically and solve complicated problems is an amazing skill in my arsenal for the business side of music, as well as whatever I end up getting into after the Army. Now that I think about it, creating music and being involved in the industry is really a great counter to my job. Not really sure about the science behind it, but exercising both sides of my brain has to be a good thing.

With the year coming to a close soon, who have been five of your favorite artists and tracks of 2020?

I will always have love for Don Diablo. The man is a pioneer and has done so much good for the niche community of Future House. Continually, my favorite artists in the same vain would be Brooks, RetroVision, Cheyenne Giles, and Blinders. It’s always cool to hear the different styles of house that drop throughout the years. This year we’ve seen the STMPD style of “Big Room” take over the club scene, and Brazilian Bass make its way to the mainstream. I try and stay away from the mainstream, so big tracks for me this year were “Stop” – RetroVision, “My Love is Gone” – Jonas Aden, and “Wild West” – Mo Falk.

Once things are up and running again, what are some of the festivals or nightclubs you wish to perform at?

Above all else, I’d love to eventually make it home to Maryland and perform at Echostage in D.C or Moonrise Festival in Baltimore. I literally dream of this all the time. It’s a huge motivational factor for me. Other than the homecoming, the biggest thing for me is just hearing my music played out to crowds of humans who love dance music as much as I do. Doesn’t even have to be me dropping it live, so long as it makes it to your ears organically!

What can you tell us about what’s to come for project Seanyy and your career in music?

I’ve been doing a lot of remix contests and working with original vocalists. Fingers crossed I win a couple of these contests I’ve entered (in 5 years of producing I have never won one before). I’ve also been experimenting with a newer sound, still synonymous with what you hear now, but more upbeat and joyful which I will begin putting out early next year. Until then, the focus is going to be on building up Swerve.

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